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Apr 25, 2011 07:29 AM

e not available Sunday and Monday - what to do?

My wife and I are in Vegas for 4 nights - for the first two we are being joined by some frugal friends and I've booked Lotus of Siam and Otto to make sure everyone is happy while being price sensitive.

The second two happen to be Sunday and Monday night. Presume we have unlimited budget for splurge meals and want the best experiences we can have dining wise.

I tried to book e (I know, I don't know how to make the accent on top) based on reviews of the board but the table only operates Wednesday to Saturday, it seems.

Two more catches: (1) my wife is pregnant, so drinks are not important to us (e advised that they would have been able to make delicious non-alcoholic drinks - any place that can do that would be one that we would be very interested in), and (2) my wife is kosher to the extent that she will eat in any restaurant but will only eat fish (scales and fins) and vegetarian - she won't eat shellfish, meat or poultry (e said they could have done a tasting for us that was vegeterian, like per se in New York).

What are the next top recommendations for overall experience - we would be happy to eat on or off the strip.

In the alternative, do the high end places offer prix fixe menus on those "off" nights? I could see us eating one all out night and one prix fixe night, depending on the recommendations.



Lotus of Siam
953 E Sahara Ave Ste A5, Las Vegas, NV 89104

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  1. One place I'd consider would be sage. There are always a number of interesting vegetarian dishes on the menu as well as some fin fish. they are also quite accomodating. I don't know about the non-alcoholic drinks, but they do have a nice bar and the bartenders have seemed pretty creative when I have been there.
    I'd also check with Joel Rubchon to see if they could accomodate you; it's a great experience, and I would assume with notice, they could make sure to meet your wife's needs. It's a definite splurge, however.

    Finally, every restaurant at the wynn has a vegetarian and/or vegan menu available at this juncture. There are some very nice venues at the Wynn, including the Country Club and Tableau, which might be worth checking out.