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Apr 25, 2011 07:19 AM

"Half Birthday" party food ideas

My friends are using their baby boy's half birthday as a good excuse for the first potluck bbq of the season. The theme, in honor of the occasion is half-foods...oysters on the half shell, Arnold Palmers, half rack of ribs...
The only other thing I can think of are black and white cookies.
Do you CH'ers have any fun suggestions?

Note: this a a very food savvy but not snooty crowd. Also, the mother of said child is on a restricted diet of no beef or dairy due to the baby's reflux issues. It isn't required that everything on the menu be beef and or dairy free, but she is a very good friend and it is at her house so I would like to bring at least one item that she can eat.


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  1. omg, I'd love to help you but I'm lost. I can only think that I"d rename my dish or do as we're allowed when we order a pizza and it's ok to half or even quarter it. Such as, half pepperoni and sausage and half vegatarian. (I'm sure you can come up with a more creative combination!)

    1. How about Cornish Game Hens split in half? That will fit into your friend's restricted diet.

      1. What about a chocolate/vanilla marble cake or a braided bread with pumpernickel or dark rye and white.