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Apr 25, 2011 06:53 AM

La Tour Rose, Lyon

I heard a report indicating that this place had closed. Can anyone confirm or correct?

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  1. Are you speaking of the restaurant, the hotel, or both?

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    1. re: ChefJune

      Both. I see Eatdrinklyon's post indicating that the place is open (for which, thanks). Please allow me to expand my question: while this place has generally been well reviewed in older chowhound and blog posts (mid-2000s), more recent reviews in the blogosphere (i.e., within the last year) appear to indicate a deteriorating siuation both on the hotel side and on the restaurant side. I am considering La Tour Rose as a place to stay and possibly to eat during a fall visit to Lyon and would be interested in any feedback on recent experiences.

      1. re: bill1jan

        I haven't eaten here for two years, but when I did, it was pretty good. It was in May, and we ate in the atrium part which was lacking in atmosphere, however. Personally, I would rather try it again in winter when it's more cosy in the main dining room, or, try the buffet where you can eat outside, but that might have finished when you come in the Fall. My husband took a group to the buffet last year and said it was a good time. We kept meaning to go but there are just so many other places to go that it's never made it to the top of the list! (And I live here and eat out twice or three times a week!)

        It's nice to have a drink in the bar downstairs, however. In the summer there are tables on the pavement outside, and we often stop by for a glass of wine, or for wine and a plate of cheese after dinner elsewhere, or for an aperitif. As for the hotel - I have no experience and don't know of anyone who's stayed here. Have you looked into staying at Le College( It's not far away, probably less expensive and I've heard lots of good things.

        I'm not sure I've really helped - the staff are friendly here though, and you could do a lot worse. But, if you had limited dining options I would probably steer you to other places!

        1. re: EatDrinkLyon

          It's been some years since I stayed at the hotel, and reviewed it for possible accommodations for tours. in 2005 it was gorgeous. Each room was uniquely decorated. But VERY expensive. I generally stay at Hotel des Artistes near the theatre of the Celestins.

          As for the food, also haven't eaten there in years, but always love to stop at their wine bar, Comptoir du Boeuf, across the street. Food and ambiance are most enjoyable.

    2. It is definitely open; I walked past it this afternoon!