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Apr 25, 2011 03:25 AM

How to use ramps?

I must confess that I know nothing about ramps. They appeared in the market over the weekend. A quick search call them 'wild leeks' and are described as having a strong onion-garlic flavor. They look like Lilies of the Valley. What dish do you make with ramps?

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  1. This is a very good, easy recipe that I make a few times a season:

    There are other threads on this subject here. Like these:

    I have this one saved:

    1. One of the threads erica linked to ( ) has some good ones. Personally, we've loved the Ramp Crepes, Ramp Risotto, and Ramp Frittata.

      Good luck and enjoy.

      1. I love ramp risotto, as the flavor really gets into the rice

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          I recently improvised a sun dried tomato and spinach risotto. Just before taking the risotto off the burner I stirred in two bunches of ramps I had previously sauteed in in a little olive oil. The garlicky-onion taste was just enough to know they were there but was not overpowering. Delicious.

        2. I did a wonderful ramp dish this weekend featuring other early spring produce.

          1 bunch baby asparagus
          5 or 6 morels
          1 bunch ramps
          2 tbs. Olive oil

          Cut woody ends off asparagus. Cut the rest into 3/4" pieces. Saute over medium heat in a large skilled. Cut the whitelpurple parts of the ramps into 3/4" pieces. Make a chiffonade of the leaves. Add the sliced ramps to the asparagus.

          Cut the morels into 3/4 inch pieces. Add to ramp/asparagus mixture and stir for a minute or two. Add ramp leaf chiffonade, and season with salt and pepper.

          Remove from heat when chiffonade is wilted and serve.

          1. I love these pickled ramps as part of a pub lunch. I knock the sugar down to 1/4 cup when I make them.

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              Nice recipe. Is it really necessary to boil the ramps for 1 minute though if you are later pouring the boiling mixture over them?

              1. re: ttoommyy

                I don't know - it might mellow them a little. The only other thing I pickle is red onion, so I'm not much of an expert. I did try another pickled ramp recipe last year (Momofuku) which also says to blanch them "if they are more mature." (I didn't like the Momofuku results - the brine is super sweet.)