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Apr 24, 2011 10:17 PM

"Behind the Rising Cost of Food" - Let us eat cake

" both at home and internationally are conspiring to shake the confidence of eaters. Global famine, war and disaster are no longer so easy to keep from the table."

Did you experience "sticker shock" on your holiday meals?

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  1. No, not really.

    Food may have gone from extroardinarily cheap to merely very cheap, which means it's still cheap. We spend a much smaller portion of our incomes on food today than our grandparents did.

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    1. re: Roland Parker

      I think you may be in the minority. My grocery bills seem to be getting a lot bigger at an alarming rate. Im a single guy with no kids and work as an architect so I make a comfortable living and even Im starting to feel the crunch. It has to be getting really tight for folks trying to raise families right now.

    2. Due to my work schedule I haven't been able to make it to the farmer's market, so I've had to do most of my produce shopping at Publix, which has always been much more expensive for most produce.

      I've been keeping my eyes open for the $2.50 a lbs top sirloin steak special that Publix and Winn Dixie both ran last year, as I've run out of all of the ones I stocked my freezer with, but so far no luck. Still, I'm hopeful that it will be coming.

      Overall I haven't noticed any major increases in the price of food. Some places are always more than others, but I keep my eyes on what's on sale, buy where certain items are cheap, and take advantage of buying in bulk and freezing things when it makes sense.

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      1. re: TuteTibiImperes

        Yes, I think it makes a huge difference where you shop and what you buy. I have not noticed any difference either. I don't buy "convenience food" though and (for me) healthy eating means lots of fresh veg from a farmers market (or my own garden) meat at 60 - 80 percent of my dinner meals (from farms)-and homemade items such as yogurt, butter, breads, sauces, etc. I have been eating this way for many years and I have not noticed a change in price.

        Nothing goes to waste either (with freezing or better portion management) and I really think that makes a difference.

        I would imagine the prices are higher for folks that are buying convenience foods, fast foods, mass produced snacks for kids, boxes of cereal, and all the veg, meats and dairy at the grocery store. I read an article about waste not long ago that was shocking. I feel bad for people who can't cook or don't know how. I don't know how I would have raised my family when I was younger if I shopped the way some folks do now. I could not have afforded it back in the 1980's!

      2. Marked increase, anywhere from 10% to 25% on produce. Meat's been up for longer than the produce. Soft drinks, whether they contain HFCS, real sugar or artificial sweetener have gone up maybe 15-30%. Eggs with little change, milk not much.

        All supermarket shopping; no farmers market visits for me yet this year. (And this is St. Louis, BTW.)