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Apr 24, 2011 09:55 PM

The Luggage Room

I could not find any posts on this place which is adjacent to Le Grande Orange in Pasadena. Today I had their bacon wrapped dates appetizer and a margarita pizza with Fresno peppers added and some wine. Not cheap, but really really good.
Can't seem to add a link, It's at 260 S. Raymond Ave in Pasadena.

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  1. Maybe you did add it (or it already existed?). I did find a website link that looks like it piggy backs off of Le Grande Orange so I added it and the phone number to the existing place link.

    Luggage Room Pizza
    260 S Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105

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    1. we really like the "fallen angel" pizza. too bad they don't serve the fab brussels sprout salad from next door. the one time we got take-out from the luggage room, they were nice enough to get one for us. but the pizza suffered in transit.

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      1. re: chez cherie

        I was wondering how well some of the pizzas would travel.

        1. re: mc michael

          yeah--we live about 15 minutes away, and pizza boxes will always tend to steam the crust in that time. i will say that the luggage room's pizza boxes have reheating instructions, which i thought was clever. while not an earthshaking innovation, their suggestion of heating in a skillet, rather than in the oven, does re-crisp the crust nicely.

      2. I really like their house chopped salad - the dressing is deliciously vibrant and the chopped salami & green olives are right up my alley.