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looking for best cannoli at jersey shore

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coming home from montreal where ive been eating the best vanilla (regular), chocolate and lemon cannolis and was looking for insight bout the best cannolis that Jersey;s got

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  1. Try La Rosa's in Red Bank/Shrewsbury. Its on Newman Springs road, great cannoli's as well as unreal ice cream cannoli's. All around great bakery, they have both large and small cannoli's, very reasonable prices.

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      second La Rosa's. The ice cream cannolis are unexpectedly delicious. Try not to indulge in a second one.

    2. outside of dipping into Cannoli Plus in Brooklyn, I can honestly reveal one of our secrets for cannoli here at NJ shore.Not a bakery. Its Luigis Deli in SOUTH Toms River (Beachwood exit) they are a little butcher/deli and has a bakery counter.The cannolis fresh filled,thick cream and come large/small regular and chocolate.The chocolate are the BEST choc canolli I ever had.