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Apr 24, 2011 03:51 PM

Atlantis in May, Meal plan or not?

Hi all, hope someone can help.
I am going with a group of ladies to Atlantis in May to celebrate a special someone's 30th birthday. The birthday girl is not a foodie and out of the 4 of us, I am the only one who has not had gastric bypass.
I have read the threads about the local food but the plan this trip is resort only.
I think the food plan is the way to go. $100.00 a day x 4 days.
The girls think it is too much food for them to eat at one sitting and it is for breakfast and dinner, excluding lunch. They eat a little at a time but need to eat every few hours.
I don't want to spend much more than $400 on food for 4 days.

Any advice?

Can you share dinners at the nice restuarants.

In this situation, will the meal plan save us money?

Also any tips on the restuarants on Atlantis? Best dishes, ect?

Most of the threads I have found on Atlantis are pretty old, I hope someone has more recent info and can help me out.

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. Hi Bluebird,

    Not sure if you have already been down, but given that most of you do not eat a lot at one sitting, I do not encourage you to get the meal plan.

    Instead, given that you ask whether sharing is an option, you can share in the nice restaurants so that what you each pay would be less than $100 per day for your breakfast and dinner.

    Lunch at a kiosk or cafe on property could easily be had for as little as $15 per person (including gratuity), and unless you go to the buffet restaurants, breakfast could be quite simple. There are a few Starbucks' onsite as well as a Jamba Juice and a deli for a simple breakfast, as well as a couple non-buffet restaurants. While dinner at the really nice restaurant can easily add up to $100 per person (with gratuity), App, Entree, and Dessert is a lot of food there. We often will have an app each, share an entree, and maybe one of us would have a dessert. If we do not share an entree, I always end us bringing 1/2 of mine home! And we do eat a lot. :-)

    So, at the end of the day, you will save a bit. Of course, remember that none of your drinks are included in the meal plan.

    Hope this helps, and that this is not too late! Have a blast!

    1. By the way, all that being said, if you take your leftovers and put them in your ice bucket overnight for lunch the next day, then this may be the way to go. Then there would be lots to snack on throughout the day (if you are like me). :-) You would be able to know that everything is included and not worry about the gratuities pushing your costs way up.

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        Thank you so much for your reply, I knew there was someone out there who could relate!! We are leaving next week and your advice is just what we needed. We decided to forego the meal plans and do some sharing. We have reservations at Bobby Flay's place for the birthday night. Most of the other places just seem so expensive and the threads here on Chowhound seem to say that they are not worth the jacked up prices. Are there any places that you would recommend, that you really like alot, and if so a particular dish? I love good food and get pretty upset if I pay alot for something and it's mediocre. If it's great I don't mind so much.
        The birthday girl got a little upset that I said she isn't the adventurous type. She reminded me that I have taken her all over Manhattan by car, cab and subway to get to a new found place to eat! She doesn't want to do all that but she is willing to go somewhere good off the resort if it is easy to get to. Any ideas?
        Thanks again for your help!! Kaye :)

      2. We just got back from Atlantis. We ate at Atlas Bar and Grill, Murray's Deli, Biminy Rd., Chopstix, and Nobu. Chopstix and Nobu were our favorites. We were able to share at both places. Dim sum at Chopstix was great. The fish and chips at Nobu were wonderful! Lunch was mostly done by the pool, or leftovers from the night before.
        Make sure you make reservations! You can't get into most restaurants until after 10pm without a reservation, if at all. We didn't leave the resort, so sorry, I can't help you with that

        1. Oh, Have a great trip, and let us know how you make out!

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            Thanks catrn for the info! I will make the reservations now!! We are going to chopstix and now I think Nobu, do you need the reservations for Murray's Deli also?

            1. re: bluebird88k

              Hey Bluebird, we were able to get into Murray's without a reservation. Only a 10 min. wait. That was the only place we were able to get into. The free pickles there were awesome!
              Nobu and Chopstix were expensive, but sharing is definately the way to go. I have a "happy fork" and love to try everyone's food! There were 6 of us, and it was the week before Easter so that could be why we had problems. The edemame at the begining of the meal at Nobu were awesome. Have a wonderful trip. Please report back.