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Apr 24, 2011 03:48 PM

Germany: Quality Storebought Ice Cream?

I'm an American currently living in Bayern, and am looking for a good ice cream brand or two. The street stands are quite good, but I can't find anything at Aldi, Netto or Lidl worth eating. There's a Real fairly close by, but the Häagen Dazs is 5EUR per pint there (twice what it costs in the States). There is also a Rewe in the neighborhood, and I haven't checked their selection.

So I suppose my question has two parts:

What are brands of quality (natural flavors, real cream, no glucose syrup) ice cream?
How much should I expect to pay? Are the Real Häagen Dazs prices average for that quality, or could I find something for 5EUR per liter?

Thanks for any insight.

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  1. I always thought Mövenpick was decent, as was Langnese. But it's been really long since I bought any supermarket ice cream, so god knows what they taste like these days, or what ingredients are used.

    1. Rewe carries Mövenpick and Langnese. I think they're at least as good as Haägen Dazs...

      1. As often as not, Movenpick is bleeeh. You have to be careful with flavors, but you should be OK with plain vanilla or chocolate. They have something with maple syrup and nuts that I like. Otherwise, Haagen-Dazs rulezzzz :-) I would say that your prices are OK for Europe. You'll have to get used to the fact that almost everything is more expensive here than in the US, and Germany is probably the cheapest country in Europe for branded goods.

        Also, you can try to look for "bio" ice cream, if you want natural flavors and the real thing. But the prices should be quite high too.

        1. I like the BioBio chocolate ice cream from Netto.