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Apr 24, 2011 02:54 PM

La Mission Berkeley

Replacing the Yellow Brick Cafe is La Mission. Did I hear it's related to Montero's and/or Casa Latina? Anyone been?
La Mission
1255 University Ave

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  1. From the County's DBA website:

    444830 11/10/2010 11/10/2015 Active LA MISSION MONTERO'S, CAFE INC

    1. Montero's, Casa Latina and Talavera. The menu is a lot like Talavera's, with somewhat higher prices than other local taquerias--regular burritos at $6.50-7.00. I'm a big fan of the carnitas but go elsewhere for other dishes.

      Casa Latina
      1805 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

      1. i tried it recently. had the pollo asado burrito. emphasizes organic meat. also has numerous vegetarian options. has more overall variety than casa latina/talavera type places in my opinion, including sandwiches using acme bread, pozole, etc. priced a little higher probably because of the organic meat, but you definitely get your fill. only a sample size of one, but my biggest complaints are 1.) you have to pay for chips and 2.) their chips are EXTREMELY salty.

        1. Very large tasty chicken with guajillo mole with pickled onion burrito. Mole Poblano with chocolate next time.

          1. Extremely (as in extremely) tasty shrimp taco yesterday. With very fresh cilantro and chopped tomato/onion/pepper. Good corn tortillas (2). Lunch for like $4.99.

            Few seats, little ambiance, bit cold in there. But I'm dying for another shrimp taco.