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La Mission Berkeley

Replacing the Yellow Brick Cafe is La Mission. Did I hear it's related to Montero's and/or Casa Latina? Anyone been?
La Mission
1255 University Ave

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  1. From the County's DBA website:

    444830 11/10/2010 11/10/2015 Active LA MISSION MONTERO'S, CAFE INC

    1. Montero's, Casa Latina and Talavera. The menu is a lot like Talavera's, with somewhat higher prices than other local taquerias--regular burritos at $6.50-7.00. I'm a big fan of the carnitas but go elsewhere for other dishes.

      Casa Latina
      1805 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

      1. i tried it recently. had the pollo asado burrito. emphasizes organic meat. also has numerous vegetarian options. has more overall variety than casa latina/talavera type places in my opinion, including sandwiches using acme bread, pozole, etc. priced a little higher probably because of the organic meat, but you definitely get your fill. only a sample size of one, but my biggest complaints are 1.) you have to pay for chips and 2.) their chips are EXTREMELY salty.

        1. Very large tasty chicken with guajillo mole with pickled onion burrito. Mole Poblano with chocolate next time.

          1. Extremely (as in extremely) tasty shrimp taco yesterday. With very fresh cilantro and chopped tomato/onion/pepper. Good corn tortillas (2). Lunch for like $4.99.

            Few seats, little ambiance, bit cold in there. But I'm dying for another shrimp taco.

            1. Had the carnitas burrito tonight. Husband did the order/pick up, so I think he added sour cream and cheese. Nice and big portion (other half will be breakfast) but I didn't think it was too flavorful. I'd just as soon go to gordo (gasp). Of course nothing can light a candle to taqueria san Jose. :)

              1. Went for lunch. The place was at most half full but it took half an hour to get our food.

                Guacamole was runny and didn't have much avocado flavor. Chips were fresh and crisp.

                Pozole was tasty but the hominy was mushy, I'll take Tacubaya's.

                Tasted chicken flautas, pretty average. Beans and rice were very bland.

                Nice to sit outside except when a crazy hobo hung around on the sidewalk arguing with himself.

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                  I haven't tried many things there, but the Torta de Carnitas is my fave. Other things have left me with a "this is ok." The chips are great.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    agree about the flautas. dont try their fish tacos either. i only go here for their burritos.

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                      I've had old dried out sopas at Tacubaya. Try the chicken mole burrito. Or the salad with carnitas. My husband just had it and the carnitas were incredible--crispy yet juicy. Large salad, too.

                    2. I work up the street and come here regularly: super-friendly staff. I would recommend the Mole Poblano burrito to anyone -- it's rich and delicious (and huge...definitely a half-at-night, half-for-lunch-the-next-day choice). Also really like the fish tacos. They just opened for breakfast as well and seem pretty busy, although I haven't tried those options yet.

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                        YES! The mole poblano burrito is great! With black beans! Two meals for $8.00! And I've had really good shrimp tacos--don't like fried fish tacos.

                        This place's sister Talavera on Solano made me love Mexican food. My husband is grateful.

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                          the mole here is indeed incredible, reminded me of some of the nice restaurants i ate at when in mexico. - although i actually think i would have preferred it in a plate format - it just felt weird in a burrito.

                          these guys should really open up a sit-down restaurant, the taqueria doesnt' show off their skills...

                          1. re: vulber

                            It's a sister restaurant to Taqueria Talavera on Solano, which is better for eating in though La Mission is a hair better foodwise sometimes. I bet the mole is made in a big batch for both.

                            At first I only ate plate mole and over taquitos but over time, the chicken mole burrito conquered me. Their shrimp tacos are pretty damn good, too, and at times (not always--how to tell when?) their carnitas are transcendent. My husband almost always gets salad with carnitas. Portion is generous.

                            At Taqueria Talavera, you can eat outside by the little park in nice weather. With a dog if you wish--very important to me.

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                              I almost always get a Tostada Salad with Carnitas at Talavera, and a Carnitas Torta at La Mission.

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                                I do have to get off my mole burrito fetish but it's so HARD! I have occasionally made it to a taco but most of the time I fall like a ton of bricks.

                                Other problem with La Mission has been its location. At least twice we've had homeless of the malodorous kind bring in cheap Chinese food and sit at the table next to us. Distresses the La Mission workers no end.

                                And it is possible to sit outside in the pergola area if you can get a table.

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                            I've been enjoying the breakfast dishes--chiliquiles, huevos rancheros and huevos con chorizo so far. The portions are generous, the chorizo is surprisingly un-greasy. But they only serve these dishes until noon on weekdays, 1:00 on weekends, and the place has been packed on the weekends I've visited.

                            1. re: ernie in berkeley

                              Their chilaquilies are terrific--I tend to get them at Talavera or down at whatever Monteros is called now.