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Apr 24, 2011 01:43 PM

Rashi Malvasia Wine in NYC?

Good afternoon and a happy Passover to everyone! I was at a party last night and I came across this sweet red wine. I did some searching online but would much prefer to buy it in a store in the NYC-area. Does anyone know a location that's likely to carry this specific Rashi wine? If you favor a place with a big selection of kosher wine, that might do the trick. Thank you!

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  1. Skyview in Riverdale carries lots of kosher wine, as does Beacon Wine on the UWS. Don't know whether they carry this wine in particular though.

    1. It should be in any wine shop with an extensive kosher section, but if for any reason you have trouble finding it email me at and I will find you a location convenient to you that carries it.

      1. The wine is distributed by Royal Wine which has a Facebook page, Try asking there where you can buy the wine.

        1. gotham wines also has an extensive kosher selection, you can call them and see if it's available: (212) 932-0990

          1. Tops lliquor store, in Brooklyn on Avenue U, is one of the largest and best liquor stores in the area - they carry a huge selection of kosher wines, and the owners are remarkably knowledgeable.