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Where can I find a restaurant that cooks rare burgers?

I have been looking for a restaurant that will cook a burger with a pink to red inside for me. I have been on the search for quite a while now, and have come up empty handed. I think the law in Quebec is the restaurant is allowed to serve you a rare burger if they grind their own beef in house (but I'm not sure about this). Thanks for the help.

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  1. Off the top of my head I can`t think of anywhere but I imagine anyplace that serves steak tartare will oblige.

    1. i don't know why you would want it that raw but i bet gourmet burger would do it

      i've also had a med-rare burger at mechant boeuf

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        i know for a fact that gourmet burger will make it med-rare but it sounds like the OP wants it red inside....thats a different ball-game in my mind

      2. Try La Paryse. I have had medium rare without asking.

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          That's not a ringing endorsement!

        2. Burger De Ville on St-laurent or Westminster. I've had mine medium rare before. Their 100% real beef burgers are delicious and are also very cheap! They also have a huge variety of FREE toppings.

          1. Could you expand how rare you want your burger patty? Is it medium-rare? They're establishments now that will cook a less than well-done burger.

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              I would say between medium rare and rare. I want a bloody, but not raw. I know this is not too clear, but I hope this helps clarify a bit.

              Also, I have come close at gourmet burger, but I think it mostly depends on the chef and who's working the cash (as with most restaurants). If they are in a good mood, they will make a burger slightly pink. I have heard good things about Burger De Ville, and I definitely plan on trying it soon.

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                If you want that raw, I'm not sure if any Montreal burger establishment will make it for you. It's bordering on not even being a burger.

            2. Besides Burger de Ville you can also get rare or even blue burgers at Mr. Steer, Brasserie T!, Restaurant Tous Les Jours, Lawrence and Nouveau Palais.

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                  Blue is a term where it's cooked to a bare minimum. "Just drag over it the grill," some would say!

              1. And also Dunn's, surprisingly.

                They'll do them rare.

                But seriously, if you want a good burger in Montreal... cook them yourself.

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                  Second that. Probably not advisable to have rare or semi-rare burgers at places that make them from bought mince. I know people used to eat burgers like that all the time 20 years ago (hell I used to eat mouthfuls of uncooked mince myself as a kid), but unfortunately nowadays the declining care and hygiene levels at modern slaughterhouses make this a risky proposition. Read Fast Food Nation for details.

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                    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be sure to try some of them out.

                    I was planning on cooking burgers myself, but I live in an apartment building that doesn't allow us to have a bbq on the balcony. I could always fry them, but it's just not the same ( and I don't have any cast iron cookware). And as I don't have access to a car, it's hard to get to a butcher. Hence the search for the restaurants.

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                      Depending on where you live, there are plenty of very good butchers in various neighbourhoods in the city, which might not require a car to get to (Chez Vito in Mile End, Maitre Boucher in NDG for starters). And Jean Talon and Atwater markets, where you will find many good butchers, are both close to metro lines. Get a cast iron grilling pan and you're good to go...

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                        "an apartment building that doesn't allow us to have a bbq on the balcony"

                        Sounds like you gotta find a new place to stay, let alone a rare burger.

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                          since the OP wants them rare...im sure not enough carbon monoxide will have the time to build up to be harmful if they set up an indoor bbq...

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                            There you go, wola, get around that pesky no-BBQ-on-the-balcony rule by setting up an indoor BBQ!

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                            That's the regulations of every virtually apartment building in city. (Not condos, apartments.)

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                              Yeah, I know, but I have an older keyboard without the tongue-in-cheek key (and I can't for the life of me remember the longform keystroke version - something like control-alt-backspace-pagedown or something...).
                              Besides, imagine setting up a bbq indoors? That'll go over nicely...

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                        Dunns ... Really? Last time I asked for a burger medium they said no can do (it's the law after all!), so I said as close to medium as you can get & I got a nicely burnt burger. I consistently want to like Dunns (sorry Elliot!) but consistently it does not come close to my much lowered expectations.

                        My last burger at 5 Guys was as ordered - perfect medium with a strip of pink.

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                          I'm not suggesting Dunn's is any good... but they DO cook burgers to your preferance.

                          Even when ordering on ALCE they give you the option of rare, med rare, med, med well, well.

                          I've only been a few times but always order medium and have always gotten medium with pink colour throughout.

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                            5 Guys allowed to order medium & accommodated your request? From what I was told, 5 Guys only does their burgers well-done, absolutely no exceptions.

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                              Laval 5 Guys was happy to accommodate medium. Last time I forgot to ask & it was well done.

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                                If you go to Laval Five Guys location again & can order your burgers medium let me know. I like to try it there, if I can order medium. It is against Five Guys policy across the board, for them to serve you less than a well-done burger(it's been discussed on this board extensively in the 'Chains' section & other places). The first time I ate at M:brgr shortly after it opened, I'd asked for my burger 'medium' but I got it well-done. Later I found out from the M:brgr owner, they cook all their burger well-done, absolutely no exceptions(the M:brgr person who first served me was clueness about this).

                        2. Try Thursday's. They actually do an amazing burger. Pretty sure they could do it rare for you.

                          1. Griffintown has a lamb beef and duck burger that they usually serve medium rare unless you say otherwise. Although I've never tried it , my buddy loves it.

                            1. I know for a fact that Mr Steerburger serves rare burgers...I go there all the time....1198, rue Ste-Catherine O / Downtown, Montreal Enjoy!!

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                                I have always been weary to try this restaurant because it is in between two strip clubs (I know this is a horrible excuse, but for some reason it just creeped me out). But I will have to get past my prejudices in the name of the rare burger. I will try it soon. Thanks for the suggestion.

                                1. re: stephv70

                                  You can ask for them rare but sometimes they goof it up. Still, I really enjoy this place.

                                2. I'm sure you can get it a bit pink at lots of better places, but if you do find one that makes it bloody, don't post about it here! The health inspectors would no doubt be paying them a visit.

                                  1. We split some general discussion of ground beef safety over to our General Topics board. You can find it here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/781270

                                    1. Hi, forget about the stripclubs..... once you are in... the ambiance is totally different, and the fries are great too.... all meals come with a small salad entree with the best french dressing I have tasted...........

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                                        I love old fashioned diners and musty old supper clubs possibly more than anyone else on here, and can even excuse the food in most cases if the ambience makes up for it... I'm a big fan of Mr Steers even though I don't think their burgers really compare with anything outside of the city and in truth are probably quite average... but c'mon, their table salad is your typical timewarp bowl of iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots from a freezer bag, with bottled dressing. The same that every other diner in the city used to serve complimentary in melmac plates on every countertop in the city not too long ago. Their curly fries have become a soggy mess too. I still love 'em, but it's not high eatin'!

                                        I still stand behind Dunn's for a rare burger. They do them quite adequately, just so long as you avoid everything else on the menu. You can even order it blood red and dripping with juice if you like. I don't eat there myself, but if a rare burger is what you're looking for and you absolutely won't cook it at home yourself (which is really the only way to go) then this is one of the few options in Montreal. I think I once read that they took the recipe from Il Etait un Fois when it closed it's doors way back when...

                                        I do really like Mr Steers, but the food really isn't anything special as Stephv70 has imo built it up. That said, I think I'll swing by now for lunch! (or should I just walk over to Dilallo's up the street instead?)

                                        1. re: OliverB

                                          No offense to Elliot K., but my last few burger experiences at Dunns have been terribly mediocre borderline really bad. Dunn's on Decarie have yet to get my medium burger even close to medium, even after being sent back because the meat was so overdone (actually was burnt!). Mr. Steer, for nostalgic reasons fits the bill if you are on Ste. Catherine in the area of Meltcalfe but is really nothing special (but you can order & receive a rare burger) and bonus since their meat is kosher.

                                      2. I can confirmed that Braise et Houblon, a new microbrewery in Laval, serves rare burgers.

                                        It is as the same location, and same owners as Smart Burger. Previously, Smart burger used to grind their own burger meat, and since it's the same owner, it's possible Braise et Houblon does the same.


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                                          Do they brew their own beer? Their website and facebook page are a bit confusing on the subject.

                                          I also don't understand how they can claim to be the first brewpub in the province. Have they not heard of Les 3 Brasseurs, Brasseurs de Montréal and the now long gone Crocodile?

                                          1. re: SnackHappy

                                            Last time i went they brewed one type of beer and working on a second recipe. We tasted it, it was a good blonde, although a little generic (no funky spicing here). The type of first beer every microbrewer starts with because it's a 'safe" choice =P

                                            They served microbrews from other quebec producers. I remember a few from Dieux du Ciel and from Maitre Brasseurs (i think?)

                                            Service was very nice, prices were good. I hope they do well.

                                            1. re: SourberryLily

                                              @SourberryLily : did you try several things on the menu so far? any reviews?

                                            2. re: SnackHappy

                                              Reading from the french website, clearly what they mean is that this is the first micro-brew restaurant on the north shore/Laval.

                                              1. re: johnnyboy

                                                The text is "Braise et Houblon inaugure au Québec le concept de microbrasserie déjà très répandu aux États-Unis".

                                                They are saying that they are the first to bring sports bar type brewpubs to the province. Clearly, Les 3 Brasseurs was here before them.

                                                1. re: SnackHappy

                                                  Isn't Maitre Brasseur in Laval? Or do they only brew beer there, and have no actual bar?

                                          2. Just had a "medium" burger last night at Burger de Ville on St Laurent. It was actually the first time the server had asked me how I wanted the burger cooked, though I eat there often and had seen other people take medium burgers - it was absolutely delicious! We chatted with the owner a little and he mentioned he is changing up the steak selection soon - he will have to raise the price of their steak (from 14.95 to 16.95, still a bargain imho) but he will be introducing some smaller, different cuts so people on a smaller budget can still afford a steak!

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                                              I've had rare burgers at Lawrence. Actually its the way they prefer to serve them but will accommodate any request. They grind the beef in house and the burgers are exceptional!

                                              1. re: mammab

                                                I agree. It's an outstanding burger. Everything a burger should be.