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Apr 24, 2011 01:34 PM

Where can I find a restaurant that cooks rare burgers?

I have been looking for a restaurant that will cook a burger with a pink to red inside for me. I have been on the search for quite a while now, and have come up empty handed. I think the law in Quebec is the restaurant is allowed to serve you a rare burger if they grind their own beef in house (but I'm not sure about this). Thanks for the help.

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  1. Off the top of my head I can`t think of anywhere but I imagine anyplace that serves steak tartare will oblige.

    1. i don't know why you would want it that raw but i bet gourmet burger would do it

      i've also had a med-rare burger at mechant boeuf

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        i know for a fact that gourmet burger will make it med-rare but it sounds like the OP wants it red inside....thats a different ball-game in my mind

      2. Try La Paryse. I have had medium rare without asking.

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          That's not a ringing endorsement!

        2. Burger De Ville on St-laurent or Westminster. I've had mine medium rare before. Their 100% real beef burgers are delicious and are also very cheap! They also have a huge variety of FREE toppings.

          1. Could you expand how rare you want your burger patty? Is it medium-rare? They're establishments now that will cook a less than well-done burger.

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              I would say between medium rare and rare. I want a bloody, but not raw. I know this is not too clear, but I hope this helps clarify a bit.

              Also, I have come close at gourmet burger, but I think it mostly depends on the chef and who's working the cash (as with most restaurants). If they are in a good mood, they will make a burger slightly pink. I have heard good things about Burger De Ville, and I definitely plan on trying it soon.

              1. re: wizardoflittlearmenia

                If you want that raw, I'm not sure if any Montreal burger establishment will make it for you. It's bordering on not even being a burger.