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Apr 24, 2011 01:17 PM

Help! Sicily Mediterraniean Coast

Hi we are is Sicily now and we are having trouble finding good places to eat and food shop. We are in Eraclea Minoa with two kids and do not want to drive miles. We need a good farmers market and some decent sea food and a good pizzeria. We have had two awful meals so far and I really need to find something delicious to lift the spirits! Trying Sciacci tomorrow but of course we have not been helped by the Easter holiday! Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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  1. Our restaurant database is not heavily populated in your area but here are some places

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      sorry I was using the wrong computer last night and the search links are not so good. but if you click on either this link or one of the restaurants to the right, you will get a map you can search on. Click the box that says search in map and you can expand the map, and move around to adjoining areas. Other restaurants will appear in your area. I am sure you will have better luck if you get to a more established town, and look forward to hearing! Good luck!

    2. Our restaurant database is not really well populated yet but here are some suggestions in the general area. There have been recent favorable reports of La Scogliera and Also Antica Stazione, latter not too close to you, however.

      La Scogliera
      Siculiana Marina,via San Pietro 54, Siculiana, Sicilia 92010, IT

      Antica Stazione Di Ficuzza
      Via Vecchia Stazione, Ficuzza, Sicilia 90034, IT

      1. Tomorrow (today for you at this time in NY) is the Liberation Day national holiday as well as Pasquetta, Easter Monday, when families take a break from home feasting and go picknicking or otherwise eat outdoors. Monday can also be a closed day for many restaurants, but some informal places migthe be open to handle the Pasquetta lunch rush. I think the bets bet would be to head to Sciacca, Menfi, or even back toward Agrigento, and search out local bakers, saulmerie, latticini, and alimentari and pull together the best picnic you can. You'll likely find at least some pizza al taglio places, too. Sorry I can't recommend specific places, but we've been in southern Italy on Pasquetta, and did much this same thing ourselves without too much toruble. Buona festa!