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Apr 24, 2011 09:40 AM

Feedback on Kauai Itinerary

Hi there,

Two late twenty-somethings will be vacationing in Hawaii in late May/early June. We will be splitting our time between Honolulu and Kauai. We have scoured Chowhound, Yelp and other sites but weren't able to find as much information for the Kauai portion so we were hoping to gain some feedback on our plans below.

We will be staying in Princeville and would prefer to keep most of our meals within 15 miles or so from this area. We will have a rental car.

Planned Breakfasts: Kountry Kitchen (en route from airport to Princeville), Java Kai, Lei Petite Bakery, Hanalei Juice Company

Planned Lunches: Pat's Taqueria, Hanalei Farmers Market, Kilauea Fish Market, Bubba Burger

Planned Dinners, Bar Acuda, Hanalei Pizza, Tavern at Princeville

Our questions are:

* Are there any must-try restaurants we may have overlooked? We are seeking one more restaurant for dinner - open to all types of cuisine. Ideally we would like to keep the meal at less than $100 for two.
* In terms of sightseeing, what are the stops you would recommend en route from Lihue airport to the Princeville area?
* Any other general feedback?

Thank you very much in advance!

Kountry Kitchen Restaurant
1485 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa, HI 96746

Bubba Burgers
Hanalei, Kapaa, HI 96746

Hanalei Pizza
Ching Young Vlg, Hanalei, HI 96714

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  1. We liked Tavern in Princeville.

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    1. re: russkar

      I was hoping you would. Roy & Jackie have been working really hard on this one. Tell us about it! Did you see their farm?

      1. re: manomin

        Didn't see the farm but enjoyed the Menu twice in 3 days. Everything is good and it's undoubtably the best food in Princeville area.

        1. re: russkar

          Almost forgot about a little jewel we discovered in Kapaa. VERDE (Mex) for amazing Ahi Taco's and other fresh made Mexican food. Wicked Habanero Salsa available. Great Service.

    2. It's not fancy or pretty but, for us, we can't say we have been to Kauai if we haven't been to Hamura's Saimin.

      Hamura Saimin Stand
      2956 Kress St, Lihue, HI 96766

      1. Kountry Kitchen has better bfast but Olympic Cafe has better ocean view or people watching view. We like the ban/mac pankcakes with blueberry added. And two eggs over easy are the same on either side of the street. Love Hamura Saiman. Buy a frozen lilikoi pie to take to your lodging and enjoy for bfast or midnight snack!

        Take a walk on the seaside path after bfast. Stop at the light house.

        Farmers market check out local goat cheese - love lilikoi goat cheese spread from local farm. Check out frozen chocolate coverered banana's and meyer lemons for drinks or cooking.

        Skip Bubba's. Not sure about Hanalei pizza. I'd have a fish & chips at Tahiti Nui or something while enjoying entertainment and local color.

        Favourite picnic foods are spicy ahi poke from Foodland and at Hanalei Fish Store - the ono salad on saltine crackers and one of their sushi rolls. Pono Market in Kaapa has great plate lunch and chicken and lots of aloha - good if you're driving by for lunch or a picnic. And of course finds at the farmer's market. They grow the best salad green mixes on Kauai, so pick up a bag and some local veg's and make a salad. I dream about the salad greens and meyer lemons!

        Like Bar Acuda! Great mai tai's at Med Gourmet after a day of hiking and beaching. Kilauea Fish Market only works for me if you are spending a couple of hours at Secret Beach. Great gift/art shop - Banana Patch there too. Tropical Dream Ice Cream in the video store is exceptional if you happen to be there when they are open.

        Kountry Kitchen Restaurant
        1485 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaa, HI 96746

        Tahiti Nui Restaurant
        PO Box 15, Hanalei, HI 96714

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        1. re: Bellachefa

          We just got back from Princeville. Had dinners at Bar Acuda (twice), Tavern at Princeville (twice) and take out pizza from Kilauea Bakery (plus several lunches there). Tavern is solid if not superb (although their escargots are superb). Bar Acuda would be a good place even on the Westside of LA--it is that good, although there are only about 15 different tapas on the menu so a couple of visits can get you pretty much through the entire menu. Kilauea Bakery has great pizza crust as well as very good house smoked ono that goes particularly well in a salad.

          1. re: wpage

            Thanks for the suggestions, all! Will report back after our trip.