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Apr 24, 2011 08:33 AM

Pig Roast

Hello Hounds,

A friend is planning a graduation party at the end of may is really would like to have a pig roast. This is not something I have experience with. She would like to have the pig delivered already roasted. I need your advice and recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. I used them for my dad's 75th birthday party a few years ago. I was able to pick it up myself, but they do offer delivery. Oh, and it was FANTASTIC.

    1. Blooming Glen Caterers on 113 in Blooming glen. Rated #1

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            1. re: Philly Ray

              I would guess the North Penn Reporter

      1. fwiw, my sister & her husband had BG do a pig for pigroast for a luau for their company picnic, the pork was very good, but sparse for the $$ that they paid and the head-count they gave

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          If the price lists on both websites are current, it looks to me that Esposito's is cheaper per pound for a whole roasted pig (especially at the upper end).

          1. re: Philly Ray

            Thank you for your input so far. I have forwarded the links to my friend. If there are any additional options, please let me know.