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Apr 24, 2011 07:58 AM

Sushi dilemma in Tokyo

Please help me solve my sushi dilemma :-)

In 2009, I have had a very nice experience at Kanesaka sushi. I found their cheaper menu to be a nice introduction to the high-quality sushi world. I was thrilled with the 3 different cuts of tuna. I was taken away by the sea urchin. However, now the circumstances have changed.

I will be in Tokyo in May with my parents, who have not yet been in Japan, ergo, I surmise, have yet to taste their first really good sushi (please, US people, don't take offence, it's my personal opinion). I'm sure that Kanesaka would be nice for them, especially as we don't speak or read Japanese and my parents have learned English later in their lives and are not absolutely proficient.

However, I would like to try something more adventurous than tuna and salmon. I would like to try the things I can eat only in Japan - weird preparations of fish, different fish I might have never tried before, etc. I was fortunate (or maybe unfortunate) enough to drop on Oishinbo and read a bit about Japanese cuisine, so I am looking for more intricate, complicated, interesting and adventurous sushi than very good tuna and salmon.

So what would you recommend for me in order to get an omakase experience suitable for beginners at the same time as for a little advanced and at the same time in English?

Thank you very much for all your help!

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  1. Hop ! In Ginza ! Hop ! A good one for half/third the price of high ends (=diner 'omakase'). The sushi Taichi is wood boxes, 9 seats, assortiments of sae food, rice at temperature of the skin, red vinegar blend with sugar-salt, specialities of Edo : ni-hamaguri (=clam), niwari(=sea eal), spring smoke katsuo (=bonito)み... and also have the classics.  
    If you want to try out the lunchs, there is 2 different and the place is in Ginza!!!! The master is English spoken, open, and this is a very very good sushi

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      To set it a bit more, prices are joined here below :
      for lunch :
      the under 3,000.yens course will contain 8 nigiris + one maki, the 5,000.yens 11 nigiris +2 maki, the o-makase(=chef recommendation) at 8,000.yens.
      for diner :
      the o-makase is at 13,500.yens with assortiment of sea food, nigiris for a total of 20 different things.
      The place is on a back street from the boulevard Sotobori Dori (=Sony building boulevard), on the right side, and on a parking lot, take the long narrow paralell to the boulevard... The alley is subtle with small, tiny bar, ramen,...

    2. Seasonality is key in all Japanese cuisine. Sushi is no exception. There will be fish that is fresh and at the peak of its flavor in May. Let the sushi chef guide you in this matter (order an omakase at a sushi restaurant).

      I, too, adore Kanesaka. Unfortunately, my favorite Japanese seafood item, kegani (Hokkaido hairy crab), is in season only in winter. The best preparation of kegani I have ever had is at Kanesaka.

      If you are looking for uniquely Japanese seafood items, I highly recommend a visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market. Look through the interesting stalls, and, if you see a friendly vendor, ask questions. Then, have sushi for breakfast at Daiwa Sushi. Daiwa Sushi at Tsukiji will likely have at least some of what you're seeking. Be prepared to wait for over an hour for a seat at Daiwa.

      As I understand it, salmon is not considered a traditional sushi fish. It is now on the menu of many sushi restaurants across the globe (and the quality of wild salmon can occasionally be transcendent), but again, not traditional sushi.

      Good luck!

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        Good suggestion for the experienced, perhaps not the newbies. The tsukiji breakfast experience is a good time to taste what is freshest at that time and the omakse is a great deal. And if the line is too long at Daiwa, Sushi-bun (a door or two down) is also excellent-but there will be a wait as well.

        Re salmon, that is my understanding as well.