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Apr 24, 2011 07:55 AM

Secret to good eating in Spain - Chinese!

Just got back from a ten day vacation in Spain. We had a wonderful time, so I don't want to sound too negative, so I'll just say that the food was not one of the highlights. In general, I find Spanish food bland and mediocre and the restaurants are vastly overpriced. You may not agree with me, but if you're in Spain and find you can't swallow another heavy, dull, overpriced meal, then go find the nearest Asian restaurant. There are now many upscale places that serve copious quantities of deliciously prepared food at very reasonable prices.

We ate at a place called Shake in San Sebastian that was great (all Spaniards, no tourists). In Bilbao on the pedestrian walkway in the new town we ate at a place called Asia Chic that was fantastic, huge portions of seafood plus a good bottle of wine for exactly the same price we paid for a truly lousy meal at a Spanish restaurant the night before. Down the street there was another place called Shanghai Cafe that also looked great.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It is quite sad that you didn't like any of the food in Spain. There is such variety, from the best seafood to lamb, pork, vegetables, cheeses and wines. It is true that if you like spicy, Spanish food is not that. Sometimes, a country's food just doesn't match an individual's taste. That is part of life. But I don't find Spain an expensive country to eat in, even in big cities like Madrid and Barcelona nor San Sebastian. Actually it is quite reasonable compare to much of Europe. If you are from the US, maybe it is just the exchange rate right now.

      1. Hay gente pa tó (It takes all kinds to make a world)

        1. ..ÑO !!!!

          You're right I totaly disagree with you on Spains' heavy, dull and overpriced meals bit.

          1. Actually, I've found the Chinese food in Spain, for the most part, to be quite pedestrian. Not even as good as the stuff we have in Montreal.

            But really, finding delicious affordable Spanish food in Spain is about as easy as falling off a log.