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Apr 24, 2011 07:30 AM

Oh 5 Star Punjabi, your virtue has been compromised

Took out from 5 Star Punjabi last night and, much to my dismay, I discovered that 1) the price of almost every item on their menu has been upwardly adjusted by a couple of bucks, and 2) more importantly, their take-out portions are literally HALF the size (they now mirror their dine-in portions - it used to be that you'd get a giant tub of each dish, now it's only a small container). The lunch buffet still seems to be intact (and the price was only raised by a dollar), and the food is as good as always.

I am disappointed because I loved everything about this place (the food, the price, the clientele, the hours of business, the experience of going driving to the underbelly of the universe to get my food at midnight) - but it has lost some significant appeal as there is far less bang for my takeout buck. (From what I can tell, the price increase is to defray the cost of, gasp, renovations).

Five Star Diner
13-05 43rd Ave, Queens, NY 11101

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  1. as a courtesy to other readers it would be helpful to know in which boro, neighborhood or area this restaurant is located.

    i'd also venture to guess that the increased pricing and reduced portion size are going to be part of a trend across restaurants of all types in the coming months/year as energy prices and other costs associated with running a restaurant (particularly wholesale food costs) have taken off and many proprietors who had been making due with smaller margins are faced with very real choices between shuttering or making moves like the one you describe.

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      is that what chowhound has become?

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        The truth is that what you are seeing at 5 Star is the current norm. Menus across the city have had ingredients substituted for less expensive ones, smaller portions and or raising of prices. The current fad of "upscale" eggs or cheese sandwiches, etc. are coping mechanisms for the restaurant industry. At least 5 Star is not selling a $24 sandwich and soup entree, 5 Star's margins are thin. Also, they have to finance their recent renovation (the success of which is questionable).

        If you want to rant, look toward pizza, huge margins on flour and water. Do you cook at home? I see it in the supermarket as well. Containers, cartons, bags have less food and prices have gone up for vegetables and meat. What do you expect a restaurant to do? Inflation is here and it's only been getting worse.