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Apr 24, 2011 07:28 AM

The New Del Frisco's

There is a new contender in Boston for Best Steak in town, and a clear cut winner for the best overall steak house.

The experience of Del Frisco's is unmatched in Boston.

We dined with a party of ten on opening night, and the service and food was nearly flawless. One diner chose the lobster, and they did not bring out the drawn butter to accompany it, however it was quickly rectified. Other than that the service was fast, efficient, fun and friendly. They are seeming always there when you need them. Ant there is a lot of them. No trays and tray stands at this restaurant, an entire platoon of staff hand delivered everything at once.

The steaks are unnecessarily served with knives which resemble Excalibur. A butter knife would more than sufficient for thier tender cuts. The bone in rib eye was tremendously flavorful, but in my opinion the 12 oz filet mignon was the star of the show. Juicy and tender, may be the best steak I ever had.

The Chateau potatoes are the best starch side. The potatoes au grotton were only ok. For apps the oysters on the half shell were up to par, the fried oysters excellent, and a few people on the table said the crab cakes were the best they ever had.

Although every chop house in Boston has refined decor, Del Frisco's has an element no other can match. The entire back wall is floor to ceiling windows providing an unobstructed vista of Boston Harbor across to the airport.

It combines a sleek, rich and refined decor with and ocean side location, including an outdoor balcony with table dining.

Joined by Remmy's, Temazcal Mexican Restaurant, and the new flagship Legal Seafood. The entire Liberty Warf complex is the new destination in Boston.

If you have a big event or celebration, Del Frisco's is the place to go.

250 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

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  1. Oh yay! An overpriced chain steakhouse! There weren't nearly enough of these in Boston!

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    1. re: Jenny Ondioline

      I wouldn't decry the addition of another high-end chain steakhouse. We're not a great steakhouse town, and Grill 23 (the only worthy "local" game in town, IMO), as good as it is, deserves every challenge it gets from the competition, to keep it on its toes.

      Also, some of the best steakhouses in America, IMO, are high-end national chains—the Cut and BLT Steak properties, for instance. Not that I'd put Del Frisco's in that high of an echelon, but I'd argue that having a very good chain (for instance, the Morton's location on the seaport) around helps keep the homegrown steakhouses on their A-game.

      Finally, I have to ask: What are these mythical local steakhouses where you can get prime/aged cuts of beef—cooked expertly—for less than what the so-called overpriced chains are charging. I would argue that they don't exist. Good steakhouses are expensive.

      Grill 23 & Bar
      161 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116

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        1. Hey,
          I am not a PR flack, I am a sales manager at a tech company.

          Generally, I am not big on steakhouses as I am a pretty good cook and always felt I could cook a steak as well as an overpriced chophouse for a fraction of the cost. Spend the big bucks on the food that would take me more time to cook than I have.

          That being said, I have 20 years on the road on an expense account, and have some perspective on restaurants.

          We were there for a celebration, so we needed a restaurant that would please diverse palates. The room is fabulous and the steak was too. There was energy and motion in the room.. L'espallier may be the best dinner in town, but better suited for an anniversary with your spouse than a group. I stand by my reviews, but of course, if you are a vegan, it is not the place for you.

          1. I've been to almost every Del Frisco's in the country, have dined there for many years, and their food quality, service and decor is consistency is excellent. I like the menu, wine selections, the sides and the bread loaf is a killer.

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            1. re: treb

              Agreed. I posted similar comments about the food and service which were deleted earlier for some reason. I have only been to the NYC, Las Vegas and Dallas locations, however they are all consistent and excellent. Their prime steaks are top quality beef which has always been cooked a perfect MR for me. The service is professional, friendly and enthusiastic. Regardless of industry kvetching about hiring practices, if the end result is excellent outstanding customer service, then they must be doing something right. Anyway, I thought these boards were all about the chow?

              If the food and service from the other locations translates to Boston, DF will be my go to steakhouse in Boston. While this is an over saturated market segment, there are a lot of sub par steakhouses. If DF can raise the bar and possibly thin the herd, more power to them. I am looking forward to trying it out for myself. The space looks fantastic for the waterfront location and views alone.

              No one is claiming that steakhouses are haute cuisine. However they do have their place and obviously appeal to many people (including lots of hounds even though may not be hip to admit it).

              1. re: treb

                Treb, have you been to the Del Frisco's in Orlando? I heard it's not part of the chain (it's connected to the origal Del Frisco's) & wondered if their steaks are better than the Boston location - or any of the other chain locations. Hope to be going to the Orlando one in November & was wondering if it's that much better than what we have here.

                1. re: southie_chick

                  That one is not on their website, it may be a franchise. The menu looks the same as other Del's, USDA Prime etc. From what I see, I'd go, it may be a new addition. Here's the website:


                  1. re: treb

                    It's one of two franchises that founder Dale Wamstad sold. The Orlando one was given to Russ Christner who ran a food delivery business in Dallas. This is before Del Frisco's was sold to Lone Star for $23M and thus became a chain. If you notice it's not a Del Frisco's "Double Eagle", It's Del Frisco's "Prime Steak and Lobster". It remains independent of Lone Star Steakhouse.

                    The other operator didn't fare as well as Russ. Del Frisco's in Houston, subsequently renamed Kelly's Del Frisco's (sounds like a Ruth's Chris kind of story) had a 10 year naming rights only agreement with Dale and when that lapsed (technically over lapsed by 6 years) she (Kelly Resa) was sued by Lone Star and lost.

                  2. re: southie_chick

                    My understanding was that the Orlando restauraunt was not prt of the chain...and maintained higher quality.

                    Haven't been but curious.

                    I know the Palm in NYC dry aged their steak>branch offices do least that was the case.

                    Treb, the Orlando branch not on the DF website would indicate that they're NOT part of the franchise, not the opposite.

                    1. re: 9lives

                      Treb, the Orlando location has been there for years - have you tried it - or Boston - yet?
                      T. Clark & 9lives, that's pretty much why I was asking about Orlando. From my understanding, the Orlando branch is the only "independent" Del Frisco's, besides the original. They uphold the "original" standards, & is family run, & are supposed to be superior to the rest of the "chain" Del Frisco's.

                      I try going every November when I'm down in Florida but get outvoted by my in-laws who like to go to ....... P.F. Changs. What makes matters worse, we drive by Del Frisco's as we head to P.F. Changs in Winter Park, with me staring longingly out the window as we drive by.

                      The thing that makes it worthwhile is the smiles on my in-laws faces at P.F Changs - they LOVE that place so if they're happy, I'm happy. And, the Dan Dan noodles are pretty good there too.

                      1. re: southie_chick

                        I believe, in my travelling days though a blur now, I did go. If threre was a DF's in the area I was there. My picture is on the wall at the Denver location. Maybe after keeping peace with the in-laws, you can sneak over to DF's. I plan on hitting BOS real soon.