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Apr 24, 2011 07:11 AM

what to do with eggplant?

my boyfriend bought an eggplant yesterday, and i have no idea what to do with it. i don't like to use olive oil or butter to cook vegetables, and would prefer not to do an eggplant parmesan or lasagna. any ideas?

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  1. I like eggplant cooked whole on the grill or in the oven , scooped out . You can then put in FP with onions garlic, lemon juice, olive oil if you wish and parsley , pulse together and eat at room temp. or you can make baba ganouj.

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      Exactly what I was going to suggest. It's delicious and healthy. You do need the oilive oil (just a bit) because it actually adds a nice flavor. Also, after roasting, I scoop mine out into a collander, then mash with a potato masher to get rid of any bitterness, just letting the juices and some of the seeds run right into the sink. Then you put it in the fp with the other ingredients.

    2. One of my first thoughts is that he should cook the thing himself! But on a less testy note: I second magiesmom on the grilling suggestion (although that would involve brushing it with some oil).

      Also baba ghanoush, a Middle East preparation used like a dip or a sauce. Very tasty with pita bread and some meats and/or grilled veggies. Here's a random internet recipe:

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        I don't brush with oil for the grill, btw.

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          Yes. there'd be little point in oil for a whole eggplant, which I now see is what you'd indicated.

          I grill eggplant slices brushed with oil, same as with summer squashes.

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          haha! he will end up cooking it, but in our house, i'm the "chef" that comes up with ideas/recipes and he ends up being the one to actually cook it. i've been trying to encourage him to eat/buy more vegetables, so anytime he brings one home, i try to embrace it... even though last week that meant 4 heads of endive!

        3. Tough to do eggplant without any oil at all. But you can slice it up and roast the slices in the oven until soft. Serve with a little balsamic.

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            i know it's a challenge, all these ideas sound good though!

          2. There are scores of ideas at

            CHOW has a recipe for Eggplant and Red Bell Pepper Tomato sauce that I love. The original is meatless but I deeply sear a 4oz package of Citterio 1/4" diced prosciutto and build the sauce in that pot, a total of about 4 quarts. I like to use a mandoline to slice the unpeeled eggplant into long julienne. Then the plain blade to slice the onions and bell pepper into very thin rings. This way, the whole sauce has long strings which make for a heartier texture that makes an almost-vegetarian pasta dish totally satisfying for a meat-eater.

            My other favorite is Stir-Fried Roasted Eggplant from Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

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              I clicked on the link and got "retail communications" site - totally irrelevant. What do you get?

              1. Ratatouille! you don't *have* to use olive oil, but a little is nice. or use veggie stock/water. eggplant, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, all chopped up, put in a pot with mashed garlic, salt, pepper, and parsley or basil or thyme or oregano (i usually use a combo of one or two or three...).