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Apr 24, 2011 06:35 AM

Warsaw, Prague: Tasty and relatively quick lunch recommendations?

Hi everyone

I'm heading to Warsaw and Prague next month for work. My schedule will be jam-packed and we'll be flying in the evenings. What I'm looking for are good, lively, interesting lunch stops that aren't going to take more than an hour. Budget is not a problem, but time is. (Imagine my schedule...Meeting at 9, meeting at 10:30. Meeting at 12. Quick stop for lunch around 1ish, meeting at 3, leave for airport, etc.)

I'll be traveling with two other colleagues. If I could express a preference, it would be for newer places in Warsaw and Prague. I do appreciate an old standard, but would like to feel like I'm very "with it" for my short time in both cities. Also, I don't want to be eating french fries all the time so I'm looking for something that goes beyond sausages and frites.

Something that is centrally located would also be helpful as our meetings may be all over both cities.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. I'm in no way an expert but we really loved Lokal on Dlouha st on our recent visit to Prague. Local clientele, traditional food but very well prepared, great beer. According to their website they're open for lunch (we only went for dinner)

    1. Second Lokal on Dlouha. I'm local and I eat there lunch at every opportunity. There should be another location at Mala Strana, on the Castle side of Charles Bridge, street is Misenska.
      They open at 11:30 for cooked lunch and served Czech pub food as it really should be. All fresh ingredients (that does not mean salad in the meal, anything green except cooked spinach is a Czech no-no :-) and very well poured Pilsner Urquell from tap. It's sort of retro - image of a pub from the 80's. During lunch, it's non-smoking, for dinner it's half and half. It gest very full after 12:30 or 1pm and then it's more free after 2pm again.


      1. Had a late lunch at U Kucharzy in Warsaw today and LOVED it. Great place to dine if you're by yourself. (Ask for the bar seating in the restaurant...they have two rows of high tables with four seats at each, facing the kitchen.) Ordered the steak tartare and a big green salad and a glass of house white. Steak tartare theatre was amazing and I only wish I had taken more video. Service very attentive and sweet. Food highly excellent IMHO, but the bathrooms were kinda dirty.

        If anyone has any other recs for Warsaw, I could really do with a recommendation for tomorrow late lunch!