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Apr 24, 2011 05:26 AM

Dried Morels

I want morels. I can't figure out a way to get them fresh, so (*shudder*) I'm considering dried. Any words of advice? Is it worth it or not? A specific brand? Rehydrate in water or some kind of stock? Do 8 lb.s of fresh really equal 1 lb. of dried? It's a lot of money to spend on a product where I'm not entirely sure of the quality.

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  1. I am originally from Michigan where the hunt is in full force right about now. Fresh morels are heaven on earth but since I now get to Michigan in the late part of the morel season, I have to rely on dried. Not worth the price in my opinion., I've bought them in Michigan and in Vegas where I now live and I can't get the same taste from dried that I get from fresh. You could "settle" but why pay the price for mediocrity?