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Apr 24, 2011 04:39 AM

Some New Favorites - Asheville

Thought I'd report on some of the places we've really enjoyed lately that don't always get a lot of mention on this board. Maybe some will be new to you too, or worth another visit if you haven't been lately.

Mr Suave: we've been picking up a kilo of fresh tortillas for some time now from this little place on Patton, and they now offer inexpensive Mexican dishes such as tacos, burritos, tortas and enchiladas. First of all, the place is spotless. Very clean, well-run operation. They only have a few booths inside, so we've been sitting on one of the two patio tables they have in the parking lot. I've not been able to branch out past the chicken burrito because it is so good - shredded chicken, cheese, rice, beans, fresh avocado and sour cream - very fresh, not greasy, not overloaded, and a steal at $5.25. My husband has tried the chicken, steak and tongue street tacos (maybe a buck-fifty each?) and the torta. He loved the torta bread. All of the dishes come with a hot, fresh green salsa that is awesome. We buy Mexican Cokes at the gas station next door too. My new favorite Mexican place!

Curras: we used a Groupon to eat here recently and quickly followed up with a subsequent dinner a week or so later. I think it has gotten some mixed reviews here, and I feel like they change chefs more often than other places, but let me just say that the two dinners we had there were amazing. It is my new top choice for a nice dinner out. Portions were large, quality of the ingredients was top notch, and the flavors were incredible. They still make the best margaritas in town too. Worth another try if you have not been there in a while.

Franks NY Deli: hands down my favorite sandwich in town. I usually get whatever is their special of the day is - it's usually pretty creative. Their homemade sides are great (potato salad and slaw are my two favorites), the bread is super-fresh, and their pickles are killer. No seating except for outside, so now is a good time to go since it's warm. They seem to do a pretty hefty to-go business. Huge portions - I'm usually happy with just half my sandwich.

Appalachian Vintner: The two guys that own this large wine shop behind City Mac on Biltmore Ave are so nice. They seem to have a lot of wines that I've not seen elsewhere, and everything we've ever gotten from there is good, even the bottles under $15 (which is what we usually buy). They have expanded their beer selection significantly too.

Nine Mile: we order from here a lot via Valet Gourmet. Very fresh, excellent pastas (my fave is the tuna with coconut sauce), delicious green salad (I could drink the His Majesty dressing) and my husband loves the bread (although personally I find it a little too greasy). I wasn't blown away by this place at first, but it has really grown on me.

Next on my list to try: Cinnamon KItchen and Loretta's in their new location on Lexington.

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  1. Nice reviews, Miss Piggy. I haven't been to Nine Mile in over a year. I need to get back down there. And, you're right, Frank's does have the best sandwich in town.

    Where is Curras again? Weaverville?

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    1. re: Jeff C.

      Curras is just past Beaver Lake on Merrimon in North Asheville. I think technically the address may be Woodfin. Not quite all the way in to Weaverville.

    2. Thanks for the heads-up on Mr. Suave! I know I've driven by and thought " of these days I need to pull in there." Is the torta bread the big, almost sweet yeasty individual-loaf type of torta bread? God, I hope you say yes.........

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      1. re: dingey

        The bread is indeed an individual loaf - not huge, but a nice portion. A touch sweet and definitely buttered and toasted on the grill. He loved it. He got a small taco to go along with it. I'm going to have a hard time steering away from that burrito.,.

      2. Miss piggy, where is this Mr. Suave?

        1. Where has Loretta's moved to? They had outgrown the Patton St. location 10 years ago!

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          1. re: meatn3

            Mr. Suave is at 1563 Patton right beside a gas station, and Loretta's is now in the old Scratch/Nova space, 114 N. Lexington Ave.

            1. re: JKidd

              Hmm, it will be interesting to see how this locations works for Loretta's. So much of their business has always been workers on lunch break. This is just enough of a walk from the bigger office buildings that it could make a lunch break not doable....

          2. I agree about Curras....the freq have coupons on so if you are hesitant to try this is a good idea. They have had some chef changes recently but food remains very good and for those in N. Asheville/Woodfin this is a good choice if they don't want to go into downtown.