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Apr 24, 2011 03:58 AM

I'm keen on Keen's

Yesterday, after enjoying our time at the Tribeca Film Festival, (Carol Channing: Larger Than Life, fantastic) my husband and I impulsively decided to take a walk and wandered from Chelsea to the Madison Garden area (around 7 p.m.) in search of somewhere to have dinner.

We're from out of town, and as we approached the MSG area I realized we had probably walked in the wrong direction to just stumble upon a good place to eat. But I did recall that Keen's Chophouse (a/k/a Keen's Steak House) was in the area. Had never been there before, but it had been on my list of Must-Get-To-Someday places. So, I called Keen's and was told they were fully booked until 9:30, but if we wanted to stop by we could get the full menu at the bar.

We decided to chance it, and when we arrived I explained I had called earlier and would take anything they had, even a seat at the bar. Not necessary to sit at the bar, the congenial host said, and we were shown to a regular table in the dining room. Not a table on the banquette against the wall, where two tops are crammed together, but a free standing table in the back of the room where it was more private and comfortable.

We were then brought a relish tray and basket of rolls by one of the nicest and warmest servers I have encountered in a long time (a tall, older gentleman with white hair).

Because I am on a protein/vegetable/fruit diet these days, we asked if we could split a salad and an entree (skipping the sides/carbs), and were told absolutely, no problem. So we ordered the three leaf salad and the prime rib. I also ordered an unsweetened iced tea, which was wonderful, perhaps the best iced tea I've ever had at a restaurant. It was oolong with ginger, and so flavorful and refreshing. Definitely different, loved it.

The salad was good, my husband ate the rolls and said they were crusty and delicious, and the prime rib was a Fred Flintstone-sized thing of beauty, cooked rare/medium rare and juicy. After we both had done our best with it we still had a good size piece left over to bring home.

Service was excellent, never rushed, never neglected, water glasses always refilled quickly. I enjoyed chatting with our server who was an upbeat and pleasant man. What a great meal to cap off an overall wonderful day.

I'm usually not spontaneous when it comes to dining in NYC, I like to have a firm reservation and not take chances, so to have such a good experience, left a huge impression on me.

Keen's fan for life now.

72 West 36th St., New York, NY 10018

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  1. Interesting article in the current Edible Manhattan about Keen's--take a look, and thanks for the report:

    1. Loved your write up and couldn't agree more. The setting, the service and the wonderful food always make this a great choice. I wish they were open for lunch on Sunday (they open at 5PM for dinner) as I am often at Penn Station and would love to have a great meal at Keen's before I take the Amtrak back to Boston.
      As an aside, we dined here often when I was a kid and it still possess that same magic feeling.

      1. Trish,

        Nice report! It is our favorite NYC steakhouse, so I'm glad to hear that you've joined the Keens Fan Club. The food is always delicious and, as you've discovered, portions are gargantuan. The last time we were there, we ordered the porterhouse for two and doggie bagged enough steak + leftover sides for two dinners at home. The next time you go, if you are not on a restricted diet, have the Coffee Cantata for dessert. Heavenly!

        We have always found the service to be friendly and attentive. And the charm of the Old NY ambiance is unmatchable!

        Keens photos:

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          Thanks! Nice pix of Keens, especially the pipes on the ceiling...too funny. I should be getting my pix tomorrow. If so, I'll post some. The Coffee Cantata... when I drop 40 I'll have it to celebrate!

        2. Funny, but there was an Anthony Bourdain rerun on yesterday of old Manhattan places and he went to Keens. It is on my llist to try.

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          1. re: wincountrygirl

            Definitely go. I waited way too long before giving this a whirl.