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Apr 23, 2011 08:01 PM

Butcher shops and farmer's markets in north austin?

Im going to be moving to austin in a couple of weeks and honestly know nothing of the city, my only visit was to look at an apartment and sign a lease. I also don't know a soul there so Im looking for you guys to point me in the right direction! Im moving into the tech ridge area and am wondering if there are any good farmer's markets or butcher shops in my area.


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  1. Mmmm you are going to have to drive a ways to get to any of the farmer's markets, but there are a lot of CSAs, so you can get your organic goodness delivered ;-)

    Butcher shops... hmm I don't know of too many stand alone butcher shops so I'll let someone else address that question. You can get good meats at the FM's though.

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      Ive looked into the CSA's on your advice, never really dealt with one since I lived blocks from the french market in new orleans. I have looked into greenlings and to johnson backyard garden so far. JBG is actually a bit of a drive to the nearest pickup for me while greenlings will deliver, so I am thinking of going greenlings unless JBG is just flat out better. Can anyone comment as to what the better option is?

      1. re: twyst

        I've seen mixed reviews on the quality of greenling's produce. I've done the Johnson's thing for a while, and though you might have to wash your produce a little more thoroughly, the quality is great. On top of that, you're buying it straight from the farmer, rather than a 3rd party.
        I know it's a bit of a drive, but the new farmers market on N. Burnet is supposed to be pretty good.
        For whatever reason, good butcher shops are elusive here. I would suggest you consider Asian and Mexican groceries, as both are plentiful up north. Let your nose be your guide as to whether you've found a good one or not.

        1. re: gilintx

          OK, Ive joined Johnson's Backyard Garden on you guys recommendation! I also think its very cool that you can volunteer there as well, I think it sounds like something I might enjoy since Ive been living in the central business district of New Orleans/Houston for the last 10 years and have never been able to have a garden!

          1. re: twyst

            If you do head out to be a workshare at Johnson's, be prepared to work your butt off. It's only five hours, but you will be dead by the end of it. Don't get me wrong - you'll meet a lot of nice people, get a share of the days' harvest, and Brenton is a great guy and is putting in just as much, if not more, labor as you are: It's just not obvious how hard a half day of farm work can be on a person.

          2. re: gilintx

            I agree on the Asian (Chinese-Vietnamese MT, plus the handful of halal grocers) and the Mexican markets. Incidentally, a little Spanish will get you far at the meat counter in all of those places. You just take Yager straight to North Lamar and go left, literally 2-3 minutes to all of those butchers.

        2. re: malarkey

          There are a few niche places that like to refer to themselves at butchers, but they are not real butchers that we used to know and love. They generally charge 2-4 times the going price and the quality doesn't justify it. They also don't carry nearly a full lineup, but again - niche items.

          The best options are the many Mexican carnicieras (if you speak Spanish), Central Market, MT Supermarket, and Johnny G's butcher block (on the other sided of the world for you).

          There is Lone Star Meats which I can't comment on since I don't go to that neighborhood after my first and last experience there.


        3. there's a farmer's market in cedar park and in round rock. both of these are north austin to me.

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            The Cedar Park Farmer's Market is held on Saturdays at Lakeline Mall.

          2. Stuffed Cajun Meat Market might met your butcher needs- especially if you're headed out to Cedar Park.

            1. twyst, i know your area and the cedar park farmer's market is probably your best bet.
              you could also jump on lamar and hit up the farmer's market at the triangle, but i'm not sure when that is exactly.

              you are going to be right near an enormous and newer super HEB, which may suit your meat needs.
              there really aren't too many butchers up this way.
              chinatown is the closest to you, and stuffed cajun market is not prohibitively far away.

              welcome to austin! eat lots and report back :-)

              1. thanks for all the help :D