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Apr 23, 2011 05:51 PM

Croissant D'Or - Was wonderful, now only good.

Birthday week in the household always brought a Tarte Maison from Croissant D'Or. When Maurice was in control they were without parallel. He left, and they shrank, declined in quality, and increased in price. Now ownership has changed again, and a tarte maison is $29 and the size of a personal pizza (initially a large!). The quality and range of other offerings has declined in proportion. Whoever owns this now is milking the profits on the tourist trade, and cares little for the art. Still OK, though, and pricy.

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    1. re: roro1831

      yeah that's my post. I didn't get into it, but it does seem it's geared for tourists now (signs for king cake!). the line is long, often out the door. with Johnny-come-lately business like that they can afford to simply go thru the motions.

      was hoping it was just me.

    2. You have to wonder about a place that will oddly substitute cream cheese for a tasty gruyere/swiss inside of a ham and cheese croissant, and a request to have one heated will mean the microwave. Yuk! One poster suggested trying La Boulangerie croissants. Anybody have thoughts on theirs? Really need to find some good ones to go...

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      1. re: Hungry4Good

        Well this IS depressing news....but (though I do not consider myself a croissant expert by any means) I do think La Boulangerie has the best I've had in town. Flaky and buttery with a sweet crust. Not the best I've had ever, that distinction would go to a small town in Germany, however strange that sounds, but certainly the best here (excluding the now sounding deceased Croissant D'or of course). The Boulangerie peeps in general know their stuff ,and have great Baguettes too. As a side note, I would be interested in seeing what the relatively new Maple Street Patisserie was doing croissant wise, I've never tried. But I've been less impressed than I would have liked with their pastry in recent visits.

        La Boulangerie
        4526 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

        1. re: Hungry4Good

          I love the cream cheese and ham croissant, it is my fondest memory of New Orleans. I used to get there real early to beat the crowd and then find a nice place in the sun to eat two of those suckers.

          1. re: Hungry4Good

            THANK YOU! We went last year due to a recommendation on this board, and I was disgusted by the giant globs of cream cheese in my ham and cheese croissant! And when they stuck it in the microwave I just cringed.

            I do have to admit the chocolate croissant was great, but I don't see myself going back.

            1. re: FoodChic

              They used the microwave for certain thingd...when Maurice owned it....

              I still like it. I can't figure out who the owner is....there were 2 vietnamese bakers who were making the croissants since 1981.

              I always feel hesitant to suggest any place for dining even though I do. Taste is so subjective. I often cringe at places others rave about (and vice versa I'm sure)....

              1. re: Suzy Wong

                a family runs it now, i believe they are vietnamese but i didnt ask.

                as for the baker, i dont see the droopy french guy baking the croissants that i used to see until the switch last spring, i think he was married to the african-american woman that ran the front; she gave me the impression she owned it.

                1. re: kibbles

                  Had one this morning and it was much better than the last one I had had. Perhaps improvements are on the way :-)

                2. re: Suzy Wong

                  You're correct that tastes are subjective, as there are a couple of places that we don't agree on. But the fact of the matter is your posts are usually outstanding and give great solid advice to people looking for information. So don't be hesitant at all.

              2. re: Hungry4Good

                This is really funny because Maurice retired in July 2003. The croissant recipe is still Maurice's recipe. If you really have been going regularly to Croissant d'Or or La Marquise from the 70's & 80's til now, you would have known that. Maurice's croissant have always been a little more doughy but more moist than croissants from other bakeries. He is a master pastry chef and that is his own take on it. The cream cheese in the ham & cheese croissant is also Marice's own twist on this popular breakfast croissant. People nowadays are so used to the frozen croissants and Danishes at big franchises like Starbuck's that they don't recognize freshly made pastries anymore. All pastries from Croissant d'Or are made daily on premises with fresh local ingredients.

              3. Was hoping my taste buds were playing a trick on me, but apparently the quality has declined.
                Have found better croissants at CCs on Royal and St. Phillip.

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                1. re: TaTee

                  are they effectively dinner rolls? its been a long time, but the last time i tried CC's (or PJ's or Starbuck's or most coffee chains) they werent the flaky layered goodness of traditional, real croissants. do they bake them in house?

                  1. re: kibbles

                    More like the Sam's variety, but of late better than CD' sad :-(

                    1. re: TaTee

                      well the new CD is probably better than a Sam's or whatnot; i hope they arent using hydrogenated oil as the stores do. but its definitely not authentic french style imo.

                2. I haven't been, but Maurice has a bakery in Metairie. It's not convenient to us in the FQ but does he make croissants there? If so, is it worth the drive? I hope some culinarily inclined entrepreneur reads this: THE FRENCH QUARTER NEEDS A GREAT CROISSANT. We'll support you every single day! A lot of us, I promise! It's not a stretch: French Quarter -- good French croissants. Makes pretty good sense to me.

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                    1. re: Hungry4Good

                      Maurice French Pastries in Metairie is owned by Jean-Luc Albin.

                      Maurice Delechelle owned La Marquise and Croissant D'Or in the French Quarter but retired and sold the business in 2003 (I believe he still owns the building but not sure)....

                      1. re: Suzy Wong

                        The business changed hands this spring. When I heard that Vietnamese were going
                        to be operating it, I felt confident that they would produce quality French inspired pastries.
                        I have not been there in over a month...will give it a try next week...hoping that it has improved since my last visit.

                      2. re: Hungry4Good

                        I've been to both "Maurice" locations in Metairie many times. I didn't realize that was the same Maurice. The location on Hessmer is the original and it was always great although I never had the croissant. But everything else I got there was wonderful. We'd always get a box of goodies for the road on the way out of town and I'd get some cakes that look like a coned bundt cake to take for my coworkers. When they closed Hessmer (I think due to K) and opened the one on Napoleon, it wasn't near as good and they had such a small selection. Like 10% of what the Hessmer place had. And the service was just ridiculous. At Hessmer they were always very snooty but I didn't care, just give me my goodies. At the Napoleon location, they were running in circles and would ask you what you wanted and while you were telling them, they would turn around and talk to someone else then turn back to you and ask again. This went on until you were tempted to leave. I think after the second trip to Napoleon, we quit going. I'm not sure if I've been back to Hessmer or not since it reopened, but now that I know, I WILL be there this month.

                        As for Croissant D'Or, we got 4 croissants there in December. A chocolate, raspberry, sausage and plain. They were all delicious except for the sausage. That was for my hubby and he didn't like it. He loved the others though. Maybe it was just our timing but it wasn't crowded and the croissants were fresh. It was on a weekday morning.

                        1. re: texasredtop

                          Croissant D'or changed hands after December; was last spring.

                      3. My favorite coissants in New Orleans are the almond coissants at Hi Do Bakery in Terrytown. These are the best almond coissants I have ever tasted. Unfortunately I don't care for their other varieties.