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Apr 23, 2011 04:51 PM

Canned goods safety question!

We opened a (storebought) can of tomatoes to discover it was half-full. It smells fine, but is it still safe to eat?

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  1. Half - full - That would indeed concern me. Was there any dent's, dings, gouges on it? Depending on what I used it in, I probably would. I just found a jar of applesauce that's expired and I'm going to go ahead and use that in the carrot cake I'm going to make. I've never used a half-full can of tomatoes but I've never gotten one.

    1. I have seen that happen from time to time. A few years ago I bought a 6-pack of soda and realized later that one perfectly sealed can was partly empty. I didn't open it but did exchange it.
      Decades ago there was a company near me that packed canned cat food. If you went to the office you could get "irregulars" by the case very cheaply, though you had no choice of flavors. You paid, then took a receipt to the loading dock and were given your unmarked cases. Sometimes there were dents, sometimes crooked labels, sometimes too much liquid, and sometimes partially-filled cans. There was no quality problem.