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Apr 23, 2011 04:26 PM

Sichuan Spring Specific Dishes

Going to try Sichuan Spring tomorrow night. Any recs for specific dishes or things to try?

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  1. Three Pepper Chicken (or lamb) was really good. Ma Po Tofu is pretty good. Ant Climb Tree and Pork with Garlic Shoots are decent.

    1. http://www.yelp.com/biz/sichuan-sprin...

      It's on my hit list now ......has anyone been recently?

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            The fact that the menu has a section devoted to Wild Mushrooms is rather intriguing...

          1. re: equal_Mark

            We had a great lunch at Sichuan Spring yesterday......
            restaurant was packed with Asian diners which is always a good sign, ......large portions, friendly service, complimentary Soups & Scallion Pancakes also a nice touch for lunch,.......although very good food for Sichuan style it could have been a bit more spicy for my taste. We hade dan Dan noodles, Sichuan dumplings in hot oil, Sauteed Pork Belly w/ Wild Mushroom served in bambo,
            Fish Fillet in Hot Pepper Soup.Very interesting menu choices.

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              It seems as if the way Sichuan Spring determines the heat level of many of their dishes is by the quantity of whole arbol chiles they toss into the wok while it is being prepared (you can see all the peppers in the white bowl in the picture above). This may have a more pronounced effect in some of the casseroles or other dishes that may stew or braise for a period of time, but for the quickly stir fried dishes the effect on the overall heat level is minimal at best (unless you actually chow down on the peppers themselves!).

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                I think I need to try the pork belly; that wasn't on the menu last time I was there.