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Apr 23, 2011 03:44 PM

2 days in lima: what to eat?

So my friends and I will be in lima for 1 full day and then for another dinner, which means probably 4-5 meals in Lima...after reviewing the board, I've come down to a tentative eating plan which I'd appreciate some tweaking and suggestions/opinions:

Full Day:
1. Breakfast: Manolo's for coffee/churros (what is the typical peruvian breakfast?)
2. Lunch: Ceviche (seems like the consensus is either Pescados Capitales or La Mar but am definitely open to other more local suggestions)
3. Dinner: either something casual like Pardo's, something japanese (osaka, toshiro have gotten some coverage), or some chifa food
-Am also looking for anywhere for smaller snacks throughout the day--have heard about the ice cream at gelateria 4-d or empanadas at buen gusto.

Then for the last dinner, we were thinking something a little more upscale with good seafood...have heard very mediocre feed back for astrid y gaston.

Any ideas, particularly local favorites, would be greatly welcome!

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  1. If you enjoy real Chinese food, it's hard to appreciate chifa food. It's similar to eating Americanized Chinese food.

    Also, don't believe the un-hype about Astrid & Gaston. It's a fine restaurant with lots of interesting items on the menu. I had "peking" guinea pig there that was delicious, crispy skin, nice marinated veggies, on purple corn crepes. That's the type of fusion that's creative and well executed. You can also get tastings of ceviche, tiradito, causas, tamales....classic Peruvian cuisine executed at a very high level. I've been to Astrid & Gason in Lima, La Mar in Panama and Lima, and Chicha in Machu Pichu....not everything is perfect but you can definitely sample some very creative Peruvian cuisine at a Gaston Acurio joint.

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      I agree with Worldwide Diner -- Astrid & Gaston is probably worth a trip. You can eat there at lunch for extremely reasonable prices.

      I would not go to Lima and miss Pescados Capitales. Extremely unique restaurant with amazingly fresh fish. Top service there as well.