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Cooking with whiskey/whisky/bourbon/scotch

I have a bottle of bourbon I'd like to get rid of, and thought - hey! What better theme for a potluck than whiskey? Any good recipes you know of that incorporate whiskey? I'm focusing on the main dish, but other ideas are appreciated.

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  1. I make a dish called Dublin Lawyer that uses Irish whiskey but probably any type could work. You saute lightly steamed pieces of lobster in butter, then set aside, add whiskey and flame, add cream fraiche or heavy cream, reduce until it coats the back of a spoon and then add lobster back to warm it up. Makes a great first course with watercress on the side.

    1. I sometimes sear a steak in a cast iron pan, then finish the steak in the pan and deglaze the pan with a good quality bourbon and prepare a pan gravy. Good stuff ...

      1. Bourbon's good in barbecue sauces.

        1. I've had delicious bread puddings with whiskey & bourbon sauces. And although I've never made it, there are also recipes for Shrimp with Whiskey Sauce. Do a websearch & you'll come up with several recipes for both.

          1. Mmm! I love maple bourbon bbq sauce, bourbon whipped cream on desserts, and bourbon in gravy. Bourbon fan over here.

            1. I'll send you a shipping label if you want to box it up and send it over to me!

              1. I haver simple recipe for using up bourbon, or any whiskey for that matter: Put ice into a glass, swirl, then add whiskey. Simple!

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                  That ice part sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip!

                2. I am from Ky so we use a lot of bourbon...in chicken or pork dishes....as a marinade for steak....bourbon slushes!....my favorite is bourbon balls....oh my!
                  I am curious as to way you want "to get rid of it". What kind is it?

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                    I thought the same thing, LaLa! My problem is always not enough bourbon rather than too much! :)

                  2. Add 1/4 cup to 2 large onions that have been caramelized, flambe. Sit down before you enjoy the epic-ness of the revelation -- add to burgers, or maybe serve under some bourbon braised pork belly with a side of cheesy grits.

                    I would NOT do with with Scotch whisky -- bourbon has a nice sweetness that pairs wonderfully with the caramelized onions. I would, however, do this with any American whiskey.