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Feb 1, 2006 05:57 PM

Best Mojito

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Where can I find the best Mojito in the Los Angeles or Long Beach area? It's my favorite drink, but I've unfortunately been let down way too many times by many bartenders that simply can't figure out just how to mix fresh mint, fresh lime, crushed ice, a little sugar, and a lot of rum correctly.

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  1. The mojitos are Xiomara in Pasadena are pretty good. I think they've won awards for the mojitos are something. They are known for them though.

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    1. re: imda14u29

      Yeah, they are the real deal... they are also small and pricy as is pretty much the rest of the food at the restaurant. I would go there for a drink before dinner and an app and then head down to the street to Azeen's Afghani Restaurant on Union for some real hearty faire...


      1. re: Dommy!

        I believe Xiomara is the only place in L.A. that actually squeezes fresh sugarcane juice for their mojitos. Earthy, complex, and not a bit cloying.

        But Azeen's - please, Dommy: Your body is a temple.

    2. Highly recommend the mojitos @ Ciudad (downtown). They go very well w/ their Sunday night tapas.

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      1. re: archer

        Agreed on Cuidad! Go from 3-7PM and they're only $4.
        I usually show up at 6PM and order a few at once. =)

        1. re: Colleen

          Yes they are good but beware of the $15 special Mojito.

          1. re: Colleen

            That sure sounds like a good "buy".

          2. re: archer

            COMPLETELY AGREE. Ciudad's mojitos are really really good! Also, The Abbey in West Hollywood.

          3. Try James Beach in Venice, near the ocean.

            1. Border Grill in Santa Monica - same owners as Cuidad. They buy mint by the bushel.

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                can't talk...eating

                I've had good ones at Cuban Bistro on Main St. in "downtown" Alhambra, at also at Cha Cha Cha in West Hollywood (Santa Monica Blvd. just west of Fairfax).


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                  i second cuban bistro...mmmmm it's so good there and their sangria's are perfect.

                  i just had mojito's at xiomara's where it's supposed to be was just ok