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Best Mojito

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Where can I find the best Mojito in the Los Angeles or Long Beach area? It's my favorite drink, but I've unfortunately been let down way too many times by many bartenders that simply can't figure out just how to mix fresh mint, fresh lime, crushed ice, a little sugar, and a lot of rum correctly.

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  1. The mojitos are Xiomara in Pasadena are pretty good. I think they've won awards for the mojitos are something. They are known for them though.

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      Yeah, they are the real deal... they are also small and pricy as is pretty much the rest of the food at the restaurant. I would go there for a drink before dinner and an app and then head down to the street to Azeen's Afghani Restaurant on Union for some real hearty faire...


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        I believe Xiomara is the only place in L.A. that actually squeezes fresh sugarcane juice for their mojitos. Earthy, complex, and not a bit cloying.

        But Azeen's - please, Dommy: Your body is a temple.

    2. Highly recommend the mojitos @ Ciudad (downtown). They go very well w/ their Sunday night tapas.

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        Agreed on Cuidad! Go from 3-7PM and they're only $4.
        I usually show up at 6PM and order a few at once. =)

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          Yes they are good but beware of the $15 special Mojito.

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            That sure sounds like a good "buy".

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            COMPLETELY AGREE. Ciudad's mojitos are really really good! Also, The Abbey in West Hollywood.

          3. Try James Beach in Venice, near the ocean.

            1. Border Grill in Santa Monica - same owners as Cuidad. They buy mint by the bushel.

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                can't talk...eating

                I've had good ones at Cuban Bistro on Main St. in "downtown" Alhambra, at also at Cha Cha Cha in West Hollywood (Santa Monica Blvd. just west of Fairfax).

                Link: http://www.cubanbistro.com/about.htm

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                  i second cuban bistro...mmmmm it's so good there and their sangria's are perfect.

                  i just had mojito's at xiomara's where it's supposed to be good...it was just ok

                2. I vote for Jiraffe in Santa Monica and The Abbey in West Hollywood. The Abbey uses sugar cane as a garnish, so cute. They are also BIG and STRONG. Yummy.

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                    I second the rec for Jiraffe. I had a few of those (a few too many? No, never.) on Friday night and they were outstanding. They were not sickeningly sweet like a lot of places -- just very refreshing, minty, and good.

                  2. I loved the mojito at the Hungry Cat, but it's the only one I've ever had, so I don't know if it's the best in town.

                    1. luna park - wilshire/la brea

                      border grill - in santa monica (the 2nd most expensive one). but who knows, the most expensive one might also be great, just haven't felt the need to spend so much money on a cocktail yet.

                      1. Second the vote for Border Grill (one of its few assets in my opinion), but I also love a mojito from El Floridita (Fountain at Vine) -- the music makes the drink.

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                          Biff Wellington

                          Hungry Cat anytime and Skybar during mid-afternoon before it gets too packed and quality loses out to quantity.

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                          1. Trader Vic's does a fine one. Bit pricey though, but you can't beat the atmosphere.

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                              Can you describe the atmosphere there?

                            2. I will also give my vote for CubanBistro in Alhambra - tasty, good size & wont make a hole in your pocket.
                              A bit further but good Mojitos @ "Mojitos" in Santa Clarita. They make them really good.. with sugar cane and all! yummy.
                              Here goes a curb ball - anyone know where to get a good CaipiriƱa! If you love mojitos, you will love CaipiriƱa

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                                I second your reco for the Mojitos at Mojito in SC. My faves are the orange and mango. They put fresh, chopped fruit in the drink and garnish with sugar cane to stir with. Also fun to chomp on :-)

                              2. One of the best I had was at Parkway Grill in Pasadena.


                                1. Downtown L.A. at Ciudad (Figueroa across from Bonaventure) - best mojito I've ever had!!

                                  1. I had been told that the Mojito's at Cliff's Edge in Silverlake were pretty stellar but I was a little disappointed when I tried them the other week. A little wattery, I thought.

                                    1. I concur on Xiomara's being delish for the fresh-squeezed sugarcane juice - gives it a grassy edge.

                                      I also like Hungry Cat's for their fresh mojitos, and Luna Park for their creative spins (when I was there, the specialty was Strawberry-Basil mojito, very yummy!)

                                      Cafe del Rey makes a pretty mean one as well, and O-Bar has a dedicated mojito menu with several varieties and served up in shakers (pours 2-3 glasses), from $10 cheapo ones made with Corona to $30 premium made with 10 Cane Rum (my favorite brand!), everything else is $20. (of course, i try to go there during happy hour, when drinks are half-off)

                                      Ciudad I think was unremarkable -- but maybe because I'm more interested in their sangrias instead.


                                      1. Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in Malibu has a machine that presses all that lucious juice right out of the sugarcane. It's owned by the Gladstone people and have similar food.

                                        The Mojitos are delicious.

                                        1. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the very best ones... at Madre's in Pasdena.

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                                            I've only had Ciudad's mojitos during happy hour and they are tasty but very weak. I haven't gone enough times to develop a relationship with any of the bartenders but I've been enough times to know it wasn't a fluke.
                                            I liked the mojito at Beechwood.

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                                              Is JLo's overpriced-poor-excuse of a restaurant still in operation? That place is as bad as most of her movies. The mojito was ok but for $15.00 - and that was 5 years ago - I'd rather drink a bottle of Thunderbird. Probably the reason why no one mentioned it because it was mediocre at best, and I can't say anything higher about the food.

                                              IMHO Cidad is the king of the Mojito with the Lobster coming in a close second. Asia de Cuba had a descent one, but I don't think that place is still around either.

                                            2. Buddha's Belly does a really good mojito. Really good proportions of all the ingredients.

                                              7475 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

                                              1. The World Cafe on Main Street in Santa Monica has $5 mojitos on Friday nights and from all reports (never actually been myself) they're pretty tasty. The best mojito I've had in LA was from Whiskey Blue in the W Hotel, but that mojito was also the highlight of my night at the W, so...

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                                                  the abbey in weho does a nice job. not sure whether it can compete with the fresh cane juice above but they are yummy. even served with a fresh sugar cane as a swizzle stick.

                                                2. Havana Mania in Redondo Beach, in between W.L.A. & Long Beach


                                                  1. at blue on blue, they have a great pomegranate mojito.

                                                    complete heresy i'm sure but at cheesecake factory in beverly hills (i can only vouch for the bartender at this location), the mojito is great.

                                                    1. Xiomara hands down. Fresh sugar cane is unbeatable. Also an outpost in Hollywood on Melrose.