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Apr 23, 2011 01:28 PM

Lunch/diner near Senigallia/Jesi

Looking for nice & affordable restaurants near Senigallia/Jesi for lunch or diner. Not Uliassi or Madonna del Pesc. Also know Osteria del Teatro In Senigallia (reasonable price/quality).

Banchina Di Levante, 6, Senigallia, Marche 60019, IT

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  1. As I'm sure you know, Senigallia and Jesi are fairly far apart. That said, for Jesi, I'd suggest Hostaria Santa Lucia. Fish done well and creatively. Among other things, they also produce their own olive oil There's no website, but Mimi Sheraton visited it a few years back for a New Yorker piece on brodetto, so if you have access to the magazine, that will give you an idea.. And if you go, be sure to map it first, as the location is a bit hidden.

    If you want to journey 30 minutes farther from Jesi, I'd highly recommend La Pianella (da Raul) above Serra San Quirico. Raul is a forager, and whatever he collects appears on the menu. It's rustic food prepared extremely well. It's not expensive and would be a memorable meal (at least that's been the case with friends I've taken there).

    In Senigallia, there are a number of good restaurants along the southern Lungomare (i.e. bearing right at the rotunda). Fish is obviously the standard fare. The best is Luna Rossa, on the water side of the road. Across the road and down a bit (IIRC) is La Griglia, a more traditional-looking trattoria but also with good food. In the same area (Ciarnin) but away from the water is Le Mirage, one of the best places for reasonably priced fish. Bear im mind that, although Senigallia is right on the Adriatic, fish can tend to be pricey, meaning that "reasonable" is a relative term

    Also, if you journey up to Marotta -- maybe 30 minutes by car -- try Ristorante Boy, near the central access to the beach and with nice view of the Adriatic.

    Hostaria Santa Lucia
    60035 Jesi Ancona, Jesi, Marche 60035, IT

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      Tx Ghiottone, we're staying in Morro d'alba. We'll try Le MIrage for sure. And Boy isn't too far on the road to Fano (a town we like). We'll be in Marche again mid May.and will try them.

    2. Friends from Arcevia give very strong recommendations to Ristorante Pongetti.

      Strada Statale Adriatica Nord, 92, 60019 Senigallia Ancona, Italy
      Telephone - 071 660064 ‎

      Cesano,Strada Statale Adriatica Nord, 94, Senigallia, Marche 60019, IT