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Apr 23, 2011 01:09 PM

How do I use this Portuguese Douro stovetop expresso pot?

Hello everyone! I know how to use a Cafe Moka pot, but this is different. The spout is down below and I'm not sure how to tell when the expresso is ready..

Here's a link to an ebay listing for this pot:

As you can see, it's made very differently.
Can anyone explain?
And yes, "expresso" is how you would say "espresso" in Portuguese.

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  1. Once the water boils you flip it over and it acts as a drip coffee maker.

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    1. re: RudysEquipment_Supplies

      Thanks Rudy!
      I'm trying it now. I'll be interested to see how strong the brew is.

      Is what comes out supposed to be expresso or should I just expect drip strength?

      1. re: daiquiri ice

        What you are making is not espresso, or as you insist expresso. Espresso requires 9 bar of water pressure, you are still brewing Moka style.

        1. re: poser

          The way Rudy describes it, it sounds like the result will be closer to Vietnamese coffee than moka coffee.

    2. These units work just like the italian Neapolitan coffee makers.

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        Here's a hint so you can avoid what happened at a family dinner a few years ago. Don't risk inverting something that contains boiling water. The top part (w/o the spout) full of water goes on the burner. The bottom part stays on the counter, the part containing the grounds gets inverted over this. Dump boiling water. Invert top piece. Continue to let drip. Enjoy. And enjoy the safety.