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Apr 23, 2011 12:01 PM

Good spot for miniture liquor (retail) in Austin?

Does anybody have a tip on a liquor store with a large selection of 50ml (airplane size) bottles? Specifically, I need 2 tablespoons of Pernod for a receipe and don't really want to buy a whole bottle.

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  1. You might try Spec's. I'm not sure if they have miniatures, but I know they have a locked smaller bottle section in the front on the liquor side of the store on Brodie Lane. I got a 375ML bottle of rum for my eggnog at Christmas time. I think I still have 275ML left:)

    1. Be prepared to walk away with at least two 50ml btls... the minimum liquor purchase at a liquor store in Texas is 100ml.

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        I've bought just one 50ml bottle at Specs and at Twins (Southpark Meadows).

        I would suggest Reubens at Stassney/Congress or Twins on San Jacinto(?) and 7th. Both of them are considered distributors but have attached retail. I'd also suggest calling because this is not really a Shot State (some states *only* allow shot bottles to be served in bars/restaurants).


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          when making truffles, i was looking for an "airplane bottle" and was told the same thing.
          a place near my house is willing to sell me just one.
          but i'm far north and they don't have a great selection so i'm not gonna recommend it.

      2. If for some reason you can't find airplane bottles of Pernod, maybe look at some of the other anisettes at Spec's. I bought a bottle of Pernod there and it was super expensive, like close to 40 bucks I think. They have several other brands that are less expensive and I'm sure would be hardly noticeably different.

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          Im pretty sure that even in the best stocked liquor store you are not going to find miniature bottles of Pernod in the US. Going to have to suck it up and buy a full bottle :(

          As was said earlier, you can find substitutes. Try to find a bottle of herbsaint, it will probably be half the price of a bottle of pernod and be very similar.

          1. re: twyst

            Exactly... I'm no pastis connoisseur, but according to my experience, the only truly noticeable difference between Pernod and its competitors is that it turns more greenish when you add water, as opposed to the other ones being more milky whitish yellow.

            I'm SURE there are plenty of subtle nuances, but if you're using a couple of tablespoons for some bouillabaisse or something, save yourself a couple of bucks by buying a cheaper bottle.

            And hey, use the leftovers on a nice sunny day. Pour a little in a glass with an ice cube or two, then stir in a little ice cold water. (people argue and argue and argue over the right way to do this, but pretty much any way you do it is delicious in IMHO)

            1. re: popvulture

              i know I shouldnt know this but I do.. Grape Vine market use to have a great selection.. but the one near us closed not sure if they all closed or not... our SPecs has a nice selction too..

              my mum puts them in the guest room and uses tiny Makers Mark as favors for the Kentucky Derby Party

        2. As an addendum... this post got me in the mood for pastis, so I went to Spec's to buy some Ricard. While I was looking at some of the other bottles, one of the employees recommended Prado, which was 18 bucks compared to Ricard's 33. I decided to give it a try, and it's actually pretty great. So if anyone's looking for a cheaper alternative to some of the more famous brands of pastis, this stuff is good for drinking and cooking.