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Apr 23, 2011 10:32 AM

More Than Mangos - YYC

Is More Than Mangos still around? Since the demise of Sweetgrass and the orginal CFM just wondering if they simply went away.

It was the only place I could get yellow dragon fruit (which is WAY better than red), and a good supply of gooseberries (I mean by the bagful).

And I really did enjoy their mangos even if they were expensive...

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  1. is down... so it doesn't look good. I really liked what they were trying to do but they were pricey.

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    1. re: maplesugar

      I ran head first into Andreas in a store a few weeks ago! He remembered me from my yellow dragonfruit cravings during my pregnancy-which became an expensive habit!
      Anyhow, over niceties he told me he was working for the Byblos bakery as a sales rep. I didn't pry-but I assume he's no longer selling his lovely fruit :(

      1. re: messier

        That makes me very sad...

        I really did appreciate his fruit. Yellow dragonfruit carvings do have me intrigued by the way.

        I'll have to find some other way to get some quality exotic fruit. Thanks for the heads up.

        1. re: ybnormal

          Me too :(

          Andres got me hooked on the orange passion fruit (delicious!) and the bags of gooseberries. I was hoping to see him at the new CFM but from the sounds of it, things didn't work out. What a shame, More than Mangoes had such great quality fruit!

          1. re: SweetiePea

            The orange passion fruit were my favourite as well. With some sparkling water for a yummy drink or over some greek yogurt and honey for dessert. Will miss this stand.

    2. I'm never going to win the Most Extensive Knowledge of Fruit awards, but are these yellow dragonfruit? I saw them at Sobey's Country Hill today and thought of this thread.

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      1. re: Jetgirly

        Close but not quite - that's horned melon. Yellow Dragonfruit looks like:

        I'm pretty sure I've seen them at either Superstore or Sobey's but only briefly. It's probably best to check with your local produce manager.

        1. re: maplesugar

          Those look exactly the same to me! (As a child I couldn't differentiate between lettuce and cabbages either...)

          1. re: Jetgirly

            They do look pretty similar but the exteriors of horned melons have a more orange hue and the yellow dragonfruit look more like a lemon.

            1. re: maplesugar

              now I want a yellow dragonfruit :(

              1. re: messier

                The Yellow dragon fruit is tapered at the top end, much like the red one. The yellow dragon fruit is generally smaller as well.

                Yellow dragon fruit are the sweetest of the dragon fruits. The Red dragon fruit we see here with the white flesh are the least sweet of the dragon fruits. I haven't actually seen any of the Red Dragon Fruit with the pink flesh yet - they would fall in-between.