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Apr 23, 2011 09:24 AM

smoked paprika

How does this differ in taste from the basic paprika you would put on deviled eggs?
Does it have a smoky flavor?

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  1. It definitely has a smoky flavor which reminds me a little too much of liquid smoke. I asked about it a month or two ago if you want to do a search for that posting.

    1. If you are talking about the Spanish Pimentón de la Vera it does have a pronounced smokey flavor from being dried over oak wood fires. It also has a deeper paprika flavor than most grocery store brands of paprika.
      It is great on deviled eggs and lots of other things as well. Try a little sprinkled with salt on one of your hard boiled eggs and see what you think. Tastes almost bacon like with eggs.

      1. It's smoky enough that I use it to sub for bacon in bean dishes. Bloom in a little oil and voila -- vegetarian-friendly smoky, bacony beans! Even a tiny pinch goes a looooooong way -- too much and it starts to taste like the inside of a smoker at a BBQ joint!

        1. OMG it is heaven! You can get sweet, hot or bitter. Pimentón is the Spanish name. Sweet is the one you would want to use in most cases.

          To me, the smokiness just intensifies the dried chile/pepper flavor. I think it would be lovely on deviled eggs. It doesn't stand out as a "smoky" flavor to me, just much more intense and complex than regular paprika.

          I love it in all my meat rubs for grilling or roasting and it is fantastic to add to sauteed garlic shrimp.

          I use the Spanish "La Chinata" brand that I by from the La Tienda website. Did I mention it was heavenly? LOL!


          1. I agree -- it's definitely a noticeable difference from regular paprika. I love it and use it all the time.

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              I've used it a few times and found that while it does add a nice smokey note, you lose much of the sweetness of the paprika. I only tried one source - a local organic grocery. It was in the bulk section and labeled as coming from Hungary, but there was no brand name. I did not like it much by itself, but a combination of smoked and unsmoked paprika was better. As t happens, the American grown (unsmoked) paprika was far better than the Hungarian they sold, so taste before you buy if you can. There can be a huge difference in quality between brands and countries of origin.