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Apr 23, 2011 08:05 AM

Best brownies in Montreal!!!

I have a sweet tooth like no other and I am always looking for the best and sweetest treats in the city. I was out in the plateau and walked into a local dep to grab a bottle of wine as i was running late. I was not even hungry but right at the cash of this charming little store was a glass dome filled with baked goods. A litte sign read Made With Love by Vicky and i could not resist. I figured i would just save it for later so i bought a brownie....Oh My God it was heavenly!!! fudgy and chocolately and moist and just the way i love them. I had to go back for more. So of course i did..found out its all made by one of the sisters that owns and runs the dep and she is quite the baker. I also tried her cookies..caramel sea salt and dark chocolate sea salt, oh and the ginormous chocolate chip walnut. I spent the day on a sugar high but could not have been happier. Depanneur Prince-Arthur - 201 Prince Arthur East, on the corner of Hotel-de-Ville.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. allaboutnelly, how would you say this brownie compares to the ones from Maison Kakao, Chocolats de Chloé, Olive et Goumando or Cocoa Locale? What makes it better than all of those?

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      1. re: SnackHappy

        I actually have tasted all of those and the ones from Maison Kakao are really good too. The others just didn't do it for me. These were just perfectly fudgy in the middle and soft and moist.Have you tried the ones i am talking about?

        1. re: allaboutnelly

          "Have you tried the ones i am talking about?"

          No I haven't. That's why I was asking for a comparison to the ones I know. I prefer my brownies more on the cookie side than the fudge side of things. I like them very chocolatey, not very sweet, with some sort of contrast in texture. My favourite is the one from Chloé.

      2. What a great find in an unlikely place! That's what chowhound is all about!!

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        1. re: hungryann

          Chloé brownies are in a class of their own! - a must try for all brownie seekers

          1. re: Auguste Gusteau

            I had a nice brownie from Suite 88 yesterday, with caramel de fleur de sel, which was an interesting blend. Kind of expensive though at $5 so I will give the ones mentioned at the dep a try soon.

        2. Just had a fleur de sel triple chocolate brownie from Chocobel (De Castelnau between St-Denis and Drolet) and it's absolutely incredible! They also had a caramelized pecan one I didn't try yet, but I will definitely do next time I pass by. About 3.50$ for a small piece, but it's very good!