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Apr 23, 2011 07:56 AM

Seafood Stew (or other hearty dish) that doesn't contain tomatoes and isn't dairy-heavy

Anyone know of something yummy for this dreary spring day? We've got a hankering for seafood and a few food restrictions mentioned in the topic title. Hoping to simmer something on the stove tomorrow so if you have any ideas, please share.

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  1. For absolutely ZERO tomatoes included:
    - Hot & Sour Soup
    - Lamb Stew (herb broth like this one:
    )- Tom Yum w/ Seafood
    - Mussels....and french fries!

    For minimal tomato:
    - Bouillabaisse

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    1. re: meatnveg

      Agreed - my first thought was mussels with fennel and tarragon. Oh! I just looked at the date - well, next time.

    2. Many Basque seafood dishes are tomato and diary free. Here's one that you could adjust (if you don't like or don't have octopus on hand) by using a white fish.

      1. I often cook seafood in a red curry, using commercial red curry paste and coconut milk. Have also used commercial green curry paste the same way.

        West Indian style curried shrimp


        Seafood stew in a saffron broth (just omit the 1 tomato that's in the recipe)

        Not sure if the tomatillos will work for you, if tomatoes are an issue, but I've also poached seafood in a salsa verde

        for a non-stew dish- Seafood Paella

        1. I like Korean seafood stews - seafood of your choice in a fiery chile based broth. Here's Maangchi's take on it:

          1. Gumbo is stew-like, no dairy (butter can be substituted out) and no tomatoes (some recipes do call for one or two chopped tomatoes which I view as minimal, hence optional.)

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              I was also going to suggest a seafood gumbo.