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Apr 23, 2011 04:36 AM

Maltose Chinese Sweetener

I would like to buy some maltose sweetener to make the maltose-glazed spareribs in Barbara Tropp's China Moon cookbook. She describes it as an "impossibly sticky Chinese sweetener available in small plastic tubs". Does anyone know of an online source?

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  1. I bought some based on a Tropp description. It wasn't hard to find at a large Asian grocery (99Ranch). It was quite cheap (just a few dollars). I haven't looked on line.

    1. I don't know offhand where you can buy this online, but it comes in a short white plastic jar with an orange top which you can find in most Asian grocers.

      Otherwise, you can use molasses as a substitute or even honey.

      1. Might be the same thing as malt syrup, which also is impossibly sticky (but comes in a jar). Hard to find in supermarkets, but usually available in healthy food stores, Whole Foods, etc. I never thought of using it for a glaze but that sounds like an excellent idea.

        1. Looks like this:

          You can usually get them at asian grocery store.