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pork fatback

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Anyone know a source for fatback in the waltham/watertown area? I'd be willing to travel a bit if necessary. I've asked at a couple of butchers, Market Basket (Burlington), HMart and my usual supermakets and come up empty. Best I've seen is saltpork. Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. If Concord is not too far, contact Pete and Jen's Backyard Birds. They don't always have it, but they would probably be willing to put some aside for you.

    Backyard Birds
    159 Wheeler Rd, Concord, MA 01742

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      Been meaning to get out there anyway, thanks for the tip.

    2. Depending on what you want it for, i have bought it sliced from Savenor's in Cambridge to use as lining for pate/terrines. I think they pretty much always have it, but I'd call first if you are making a special trip.

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        I'm looking for it to make terrines/pates, more as part of the grind than to line. I'll keep Savenor's in mind if P&J's doesn't work out. Thanks.

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          Other thing is if you start with a shoulder you get pork meat and LOTS of fat...

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            Thanks for tips all.

            I actually have a bit frozen from prepping a shoulder for Momofuku recipes, it's good stuff for sure, and the confit jelly is pretty wonderful as well (though salty).

      2. Not really in your target area, but I saw some great-looking fatback at Foodie's Urban Market in the South End recently.


        1. I might have seen it at McKinnon's in Davis Sq. Then again, I might not have. Give them a call I guess.

          McKinnon's Meat Market
          239 Elm St, Somerville, MA

          1. If you ask the butcher at your local supermarket...

            But McKinnon's in Somerville for sure.

            1. Fresh Pond Market. Call before 10am to check and they will get it in for you that day if they don't have it.

              Fresh Pond Market
              360 Huron Ave, B Cambridge, MA

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                Hey that's a great tip, I always forget how terrific that butcher is.

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                  I have literally never had a request that they could or would not fulfill. Fresh Pond Market is accommodating in an old school kind of way Calling ahead is definitely the way to go there, it makes things very easy. It is not as inexpensive as somewhere like McKinnons, but the beef is better quality from what I have seen as tasted. Grading and branding aside, we enjoy their meat as much as what we previously sourced from Dewars or Savenors. FPM is half the price of those places for some items.

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                    I just called to ask about fatback and got a terse "no we only have salt pork", so I asked if they could order it and was told no - then they hung up immediately - perhaps the personnel have changed - I won't be calling them again.

                    My next call was to Savenor's Cambridge where they stock it and it's $3.99 per lb - seems a bit high for fat, but they were really helpful! They are always great there by phone and in person.

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                      Glad you found what you need. Next time, you might check the Super 88 in Alston. They often have slabs of pork fat, frozen, for about a dollar a pound.

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                        i'm amazed to hear that. I've shopped there forever and have never had a bad service experience. The same two brothers still own it.

                2. Also outside your target area, but Stillman's at the Turkey Farm usually sells fatback at their CSA pickup locations in JP and Cambridge. Actually, last time I picked up my share in JP, they had a bin of odds and ends that they were giving away for free (I picked up some pork soup bones and some fatback).

                  Check the Meat CSA pickup schedule for locations. They also will let you order in advance for a pickup, even if you're not a member of the CSA.


                  1. I don't know how close this is to you but my boss was saying how he makes sausages the day after Thanksgiving and gets stuff at Tony's Market in Roslindale. I would call first.