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Apr 23, 2011 03:28 AM

Shiitake Mushrooms in Western Wake/Chatham?

Where can you purchase log grown Shiitake Mushrooms in the Western Wake/Chatham area of NC? I see where there may be some at NOLO at five points in Raleigh, but that is a trip.

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  1. Not sure if either store actually has fresh shiitakes, but
    Grand Asia always has a good selection of fresh mushrooms, but may be almost as far as Five Points for you
    Fresh Market in Cary always has beautiful produce. Call and ask 919.481.2865

    1. According to the venders list, Spain Farm is at Western Wake Farmers Market on Saturdays and has them.

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        Spain Farms also comes to the Durham Farmers Market. Their shitake mushrooms are fantastic and they have lots of recipe suggestions. They will likely also have duck and duck eggs.

        They were at the Durham market three weeks ago with some early mushrooms. They said it would be a few weeks until they would be back with more. We're hoping that will be next week.

      2. I don't know if they're log grown, but I get fresh shitakes by the bagfull at the Asian market next to Guglhupf and most recently at the new big box market just South of Target where Circuit City used to be. They usually have fresh shitakes at the Harris Teeter on 15/501 North of Fearrington Village. They are more delicate than the ones I get at Asian groceries so maybe they're log grown. I'm more an eater than a botanist.

        Harris Teeter
        , New Bern, NC 28560

        1. There is a residence on Penny Road in Raleigh that log grows his Shiitake mushrooms. It is right around 5308 block torwards Lake Wheeler Road end. The sign says Mushroom Hill and phone number 834-7206.

          I have not seen many out for sale lately but it's worth a phone call.