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Apr 22, 2011 10:49 PM

Where to buy veal bones?

So Ruhlman has got me interested in making my own veal stock. Does anybody know where you can buy veal bones in the Bay Area, preferably in the Peninsula or San Jose area? A friend suggested Schaub's in the Stanford shopping Center, but when I went there they didn't have any in the freezer and the guy in the counter didn't seem particularly interested in ordering them; he pretty much said if you see him there we got 'em otherwise we don't.

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    1. I have not bought veal bones at any of the following three places-however in each I have always found the butcher's to be helpful and very pleasant. I'd call first as one of them might have veal bones in stock already: Piazza's (San Mateo) Draeger's (San Mateo) Robert's Market (Woodside, Portola Valley) of these I think it is likely that the first two might have them in house, Robert's would almost certainly be a special order and also likely the most expensive option.

      1. I used to get them at Little city meats in North Beach and Calmart in Laural Hts.

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          Little City Meats in North Beach is where I get veal bones when I need them. Good guys.

        2. I live in Los Gatos and have asked at a few places. A couple of ways to get the bones are to buy veal shanks (Whole Foods has these regularly) or a veal breast (which has a lot of bone mass in it -- at Lunardi's). It's more expensive to do it this way, but having the meat in the first reduction adds to the richness of the final stock.

          1. So I used to get them at Dittmer's (I hope they reopen soon!), but since they closed I found out that they do have them at Draeger's (the San Mateo store). You just have to ask.. they only had two pounds of them (frozen) when I was there, so I would call around all the Draeger's first before making a special trip.
            Hopefully Dimmer's will reopen this summer, and then I can have a reliable place to get them (and veal kidneys) again.