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Apr 22, 2011 08:49 PM

Good eats near Springwoods Park (NW Austin)?

Hi there! I'd love suggestions for restaurants in this area for dinner with my husband + toddler. We love ALL cuisines (and are adventurous), and would love a GREAT meal after playing at the park tomorrow!!

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  1. Probably too late for this one. Where is that park? Hard to name places without knowing you area. Northwest means different things to different folks.

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    1. re: amykragan

      I believe it's the one on Anderson Mill Rd just past the shopping center with Kerbey Lane and all.

      If you drive the opposite way up Anderson Mill to 620, there's Noble Pig for tasty sandwiches. If you don't want to travel far, you've got Hoover's, Moonie's, A+ Sichuan, La Tapatia, and Kerbey Lane in close vicinity of the park.

      1. re: verily

        We ended up going to Osaka Mansun, and had a fabulous meal.

        Mansun Restaurant
        13492 N Highway 183, Austin, TX 78750

        1. re: Lotus7

          Osaka is excellent, glad you enjoyed it.

          1. re: Lotus7

            i am a big fan of their korean (mostly because they are one of the only places in the area, but still).
            they also have an excellent weekday happy hour from 5-7, if you ever find your way nearby again.

            1. re: dinaofdoom

              There's another Korean restaurant, Umiya, tucked away in Cedar Park near the high school. Umiya is in a little shopping center behind Smokey Mo's and the fire house near Lakeline & Cypress Creek.

      2. I live near hear and have found quite a few restaurants I like. I'm currently waiting for Senorita's to open.

        I have been really enjoying Tutti Frutti fro-yo. The coconut is divine.

        I like going to La Tapatia and getting the two meat plate (i've forgotten the real name of it) which is only $5.99! I've settled on always getting the al pastor and switch between the chicken or the barbacoa. It's an enormous plate of food, but beware the rice is not very good.

        Noble Pig does make delicious sandwiches.

        Don't forget about Chen's and Asia cafe on Spicewood. I also like to go to Kim Phung, which is in the same strip as Super Target, when I want a close bowl of pho. It's pretty good, especially when you let your broth steep with the aromatics for a little while, also so you don't burn your tongue.

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        1. re: mpeas

          i also live in the area, and enjoy all these places.

          la tapatia redid the menus and the combo is now $6.99 but still a good deal.