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Neptune's Nest in Malibu

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Is this place still any good? Is there a time of day that's best to go?

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  1. wow - I was just about to make a posting about that place. Where is it located exactly?

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      It's Neptune's Net and they moved up Pacific Coast Highway toward Ventura. It is still on the same side of the highway. It's no longer a little shack and the prices are higher. I am told that the food is not as good as it was years ago. But i cannot personally attest to that.
      I loved the funky old place, the food and the prices. I guess i will continue to live with warm memories of my hippie past.

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        can't talk...eating

        Neptune's Net (not "nest") is along Pacific Coast Highway about 20 minutes west of "downtown" Malibu. I'm sure there's plenty of info on-line, since it's definitely a landmark L.A. restaurant.

        There are two sections, one to get fresh/steamed seafood, and the main section to get deep fried seafood, french fries, and other snack bar fare. They have a good selection of drinks (incl. many beers and wine). You sit on long tables on a patio.

        I've been there a few times and have had tasty and fresh steamed shrimp (shell on - nice and messy) or steamed clams, with fairly unremarkable sides (fries, garlic bread, corn on the cob, etc.). It's good to go with friends who like seafood, bad to go with vegetarians.

        Weekends are of course more crowded, esp. on nice days, but I was around this time of year last year and didn't have much of a wait at all.


      2. You might want to read through this recent thread on Neptune's Net. And just in case the location was not spoken of it's on the Ocean side of PCH just before the Venura County line (past Zuma, et al.).

        Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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          Did it move, it used to be on the land side of PCH?

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            Either it moved or my memory moved it, (more likely). I recall it as being on the Ocean side of the Highway. If my memory is playing tricks on me I apologize for the bad info. Although it still ought to be easy to spot.

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              a few lines down someone said it moved. I have not been in 10 years, so maybe you should not worry about your memory.

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                it's always been on the side away from the beach if you're going from santa monica to malibu it's on your right hand side just like malibu seafood is on the right hand side, it's possible it was on the left hand side next to the beach more than a dozen years or more ago, but i hightly doubt taht it ever moved.

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                  I've made about 200~250 roundtrips, via PCH, between Torrance and Oxnard over the last 30 years or so. Yes, it's always been in the same spot...

                  And would you believe that in all those years, we've only stopped twice. And, yes, both visits sucked.

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                    NN began as a small shack, more than 35 years ago. It was a take-out joint. All they had was steamed food. You bought your food, crossed PCH, and sat on a picnic bench to eat and enjoy the ocean view. Even Liz Taylor was a regular customer.
                    It was never on the ocean side. Always on the land side.
                    It definitely moved further up the coast and it expanded to include a restaurant, fried foods, etc.
                    I hope this ends the confusion.

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                can't talk...eating

                It was (still) on the inland side of PCH as of a couple weeks ago. Would be tough to move that thing (imagine the permits!).

                But yeah, it's not that hard to spot either - just look for the Harleys lined out in front.

            2. Which one has better food? Neptune's Nest or Malibu Seafood.

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                Malibu Seafood is unbeliveably better than NN.

              2. I had lunch there today, and it was a beautiful setting. We ordered at the steamed part of the restaurant first and had some steamed jumbo shrimp and clam chowder - both great, the shrimp came w/ melted butter and cocktail sauce, the clam chowder was a lot better than Malibu Inn. At the fried part of the restaurant, ordered a combo that came w/ fried shrimp, fish, and chips. No friendly service from the counter girl AND she hand-wrote the wrong pick-up number on my receipt so the whoel time she was yelling "55 - you're food's getting cold" for 10 minutes until we realized the "65" she wrote on my receipt was wrong. Didn't even apologize when we figured it out. The fried food, in general, was definitely not worth going back for. Friend ordered the calamari which he said was awfl - didn't touch his $12 meal and left starved. The burders that others ordered looked pretty good, tho. My bf and I ordered a lot, it seemed, but I think we both also left pretty unsatisfied. Price - much too expensive for what you get.

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                  can't talk..eating

                  That sounds like a completely typical experience - rude/profoundly disinterested staff, a couple good items, lots of forgetable ones, and a nice big bill. (welcome, friends, to L.A.!)

                  I'd actually avoid practically every restaurant along PCH in the Malibu area if you're in it for the food - you're paying for a view and a vibe, and paying dearly at that. There have been a few posts about good spots in Malibu proper, so it's probably worth just having a beer at Neptune's Net and heading elsewhere for the meal.

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                    You may be right with the exception of Malibu Seafood where you can get 3 tasty good sized pieces of fish with chips for $7.99 and sit out and watch the ocean.

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                      can't talk...eating

                      Very good to know, thanks! I've passed it a lot, but have been wary (due to experiences at other places in the area) of going in. That's actually about as cheap as I've seen fish and chips anywhere in the area.

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                      Just so people understand here, this place it's really (and never really was) a food destination. In the past, we used to surf county line in the morning, then purchase a 6-pack and order of fried clams, sit at a picnic table, and while away the afternoon. That about sums it up. Attitude shouldn't be a factor here since you're across the highway from a well-contested surf spot. The Net is what it's always been.... except for the rising prices.

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                        If it wasn't for bikers and surfers, NN wouldn't exist. There is a phenomenon among aviation enthusiasts known as the $200 hamburger. You hop in your little vintage Piper Cub on a lovely Sunday morning. Fly 100 miles to a cute little grass strip in the country. Eat the worst hamburger you've ever eaten in your life, and fly home, stomach growling.

                        Same with NN. Ride the bike over the canyon roads, end up at NN for a beer and something disgusting, and head home via Malibu.


                    3. Still any good? well my experience was never good, one time a number of years ago when they used to serve breakfast it was the worst I ever had, and dirty, I had to ask the counter person for the key to the chain locked inside bathroom that was filthy and had a sign that read "If its yellow let it mellow(anotherwords dont flush-the're on septic) and If its brown let it down" if that doesnt whet your appetite I dont know what will.

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                        got a hoot from your post. like i said many posts back, NN is a fond memory from my hippie years, when "cleanliness" was a dirty word. No desire to return and spoil the nostalgia.

                      2. h
                        Hershey Bomar

                        Someone below called the service at Neptune’s Net profoundly rude. That’s putting it lightly. I think the girls working there HATED us. They acted like we’d burned their house down.

                        Later they yelled at me fore having my Italian Greyhound tied near the steps. Meanwhile seagulls are sitting and shitting on my table.

                        The food sucked, we had a fried platter. I don’t know why people SAY they love this place. Maybe if I surfed nearby, got stoned, and then needed to stuff me face… but I dunno.

                        Froggies in Topanga Canyon isn’t much better. There is no service bad or good. Ordering and then picking up our over priced food was very confusing. The meal was forgettable except for the lack of service.