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Apr 22, 2011 07:15 PM

What other food blogs do you post on?

I like this board, I signed up 2 years ago, but probably started participating not more than a year ago, after I figured out the password I implemented. What other boards or websites do you post to? I'd like to know where you surf. Our new friend kagemusha49 may have a point, that this commentary has gotten staid and um, dominated by certain posters. What, you're talking to me?? Anyway, There are less than 10 frequent posters. We can be more welcoming? *Cheshire cat smile here*

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  1. This is the only one I post on. I don't know that I'm really a chowhound but I like good food and I appreciate those that like good food. There are a few on here that I look to that always steer me right. In turn I want to provide what little knowledge I might know if I can.

    I do check out Urbanspoon, B4-U Eat, and Zagat. I've also checked out egullet, but this can be intimidating as can Chowhound at times.

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      Hmm, haven't heard of egullet. Are people rude? I'll check it out. I read SeriousEats, Eating Our Words, B4-u-eat, Citysearch, and less frequently, Yelp. Has Yelp gone useless? They've had such bad press about manipulation of ratings.

      1. re: Lambowner

        Yelp isn't useless, but you do have to take everything with a grain of salt. It helps to look for certain posters whose opinions have been reliable over time. Chowhound is the only board I post on (and sadly, not super frequently, due to my work schedule). I read various food blogs, etc., including Serious Eats and others, but don't really ever post there. I like to follow this board because I feel like the conversation is generally edifying and rarely descends into the pointless sniping that sometimes takes place elsewhere. And, as a relatively new Houstonian, I have learned about lots of new places to check out here. If only I had more time to get through the ever-growing list!

        1. re: Lambowner

          I posted quite a few reviews on Zagat but I've come to feel that Zagat's ratings are becoming unreliable. Also, they seem to have changed their interface and I don't like it as much. I've come to rely more on Chowhound - I think their Las Vegas board is strong. That's part of the reason I made my comments about the Houston board - it seemed to be getting stuck in a rut.

          1. re: Lambowner

            OH I'm sorry, those are just the forums I check out. I've read so many blogs, but they are always changing because I'll read one and that leads me to another and then another. In my favorites right now I do have Michael Ruhulman, Alison Cook, Robb Walsh, but that's a very shortened list since my computer just crashed and I had to get a new one. I'm sure Eating Our Words was on my list and from there I could link to many others. I look forward to finding out other peoples blogs so the I can increase my list. Searching restaurants, recipes, and food in general is what I enjoy in my free time.

            And I didn't mean to sound as though people are rude in general. They are opinionated and don't necessarily agree with my point of view. Which is fine but I'm not very confident in my palate or knowledge. Only once or twice have I encountered rudeness in my many years here at CH.

        2. This thread is probably going to be moved when the mods find it or it gets reported. I hope not but it'll probably be moved to Not About Food or General topics. But it's an interesting topic we should be able to discuss locally, IMO.

          A bit of terminology: this is a message board, not a blog. It's supposed to be for discursive exchanges, which Yelp, b4, Zagat and others are not. It's also not supposed to be just a Chat Room. The mods used to be real hard-nosed about deleting chitty-chatty exchanges but they've relaxed some over the years. Still. I think that clubbiness, chumminess among a small group can be off-putting to some. That sort of stuff is supposed to be conducted by email but CH doesn't provide a way to send a private message to other CHers like most message boards do.

          I have a couple of blogs, only one about food, but I've grown tired of blogging and have only posted a handful of times since the first of the year, so I'm posting more here. I also submit reviews to b4 and upload menu scans to Urbanspoon, although I've never posted a review there. I will not post on Yelp but sometimes I read it. Zagat is a last resort, only. Those are review sites, not message boards.

          All sorts of people come to CH. The original mission statement emphasized very strongly exploring new eateries, new experiences, not talk about old favorites that are already well known and that's what Chowhounding means to me but people are in various stages of learning about what's available in Houston. Kanomwan may be news to some, very old hat to others. Every local and regional board comes down to being a tourist referral service a lot of the time.

          The only other message board I post on is eG and I post very seldom. That's a very knowledgeable group and it's more oriented toward cooking than dining out. There is a Texas board but topics come up only a few times a year about eating out in Houston and they tend to be about fine dining rather than the ethnic hole in the wall and casual places I favor.

          I also read the GM Steakhouse board on Shaggy; its a board made up of mostly but not exclusively Texas exes and there's a pretty large contingent of Houston posters on there, probably the most active contingent outside of Austin itself. It's just amazing. I've seen threads started in the evening get 60 responses before midnight; that would take months here. But it tends to being very crude and vulgar so I just read it and don't post.

          1. I'm an infrequent poster on Chowhound . I will voice my opinion or advice but rarely start a new topic. BUT I visit the site daily to gather knowledge. I also frequent Roadfood but rarely post. I also frequent egullet.

            1. I love the Homesick Texan blog, ever since I found she had the recipe for Ninfa's Green Sauce. I post there seldom, but enjoy the chattiness of the comments on recipes on the blog.
              I post on The Fresh Loaf, more in fall and winter when I have time to bake.

              I spend time on gardening and sports blogs/forums and most of them have a cooking subcomponent.

              I kind of like being unknown.