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Apr 22, 2011 07:13 PM

Help! Can't find key limes!

Hey Hounds! I live in Oakton but I'm willing to drive. I make a lovely fresh key lime pie and have been requested to do so on Sunday. I have never had problems finding key limes until this year. I'm wondering if there was a weather issue. Has anyone seen key limes? Traders was always my go to but I have checked them and Whole foods. No luck.


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    1. This comes up every couple of years and usually starts a discussion among the botanists-in-residence as to just what a Key lime really is and why there aren't any. Although I've never made a comparison myself, I seem to recall that, crass as it might be, bottled juice is what most home (and probably commercial) bakers use in the pie filling. Apparently Nellie & Joe's is the brand of choice, maybe the only readily available brand, and I've seen it at Safeway and Giant in the past.

      Garnish it with whatever kind of fresh limes you can find. If the pie is good enough and you slice them thinly enough, your secret will remain safe.

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        I've tried Nellies and Joes. I prefer fresh. I'll give Wegmans a shot. Worse comes to worse, I make lemon bars:) I'll leave the debate to the botanists.

      2. Whole Foods or Cinco de Mayo Market in Highlandtown. I saw bags of them two days ago there.

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          Too late but thank you. Let me tell you in NoVA there is not a key lime or meyer lemon to be found. So......I have a bag of organic limes, Nellie and Joes(resignation) and lemons. I'll let you all know how it turned out!

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            Key limes don't travel well. They're rather delicate with a very thin skin. I brought back a sackful from WPB last month and juiced them. That's about the best you can do is go to South Florida and get them, or have someone bring them back. Years ago, I would sell them to bars in Georgetown for 50 bucks a grocery bag. Paid for my gas. Nowadays, it would take a carload.

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              FYI, Wegmans in Hunt Valley/baltimore currently has NO key limes - i been there within the past two weeks and asked two separate indvls. in the produce area. one told me maybe near the bananas - i walked over, looked around a bit saw none. ask another guy standing by bananas, he said there are none, but POSSIBLY in a month or so. i've bought them once before last year so ???

              also, i think i recall spying them at fresh market. maybe/probably overpriced though?? i didn't purchase

              Dying to make a KLP, and not from fake processed crap in bottle.

              1. re: JamesPapa

                I bought a bag of key limes at an international market in Langley Park (H&A Market) a few weeks ago. This particular market has half asian products, half Latin, not sure which half was associated with the limes. A bag with enough limes for two pies was maybe $3-4.