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Apr 22, 2011 04:44 PM

Salt Packed Anchovies and Sardines

I just got a tin each of Agostino Recca salt packed anchovies and sardines. Now what should I do with them...?

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  1. the anchovies: tonnato sauce. add them to pasta sauces for extra dimension. added to a relish for dimension.
    sardines: again pasta sauce, with fennel, orange zest, etc.,

    1. I use the anchovies all the time. They are great and last forever.
      The large tin can take a while to go through so I will often split a tin with someone and keep my share in a glass jar.
      I usually soak in warm water and then remove the fins and bones.
      They melt really nicely into sauteed/caramelised onions and garlic. I will do this for chicken liver pate, meat sauces, vegetable sautes, etc.
      I should use them even more, sometimes I forget I have them.
      Looking forward to what others have to say.