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Apr 22, 2011 03:01 PM

CSA in Worcester Area

I'm looking to join a CSA from the Worcester area (better south of the city than north). I don't need meat and I'm unsure if I want milk/cheese. I'm really just into some great veggies. Drop-off would be ideal, but I can probably pick-up, if not possible.

Interested in your opinions. Thanks in advance, friends.

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    1. re: melbct

      I swear I Googled and couldn't find anything. Thanks!

      1. re: melbct

        sorry i can't speak to anything in the worcester area, but is also great for finding CSA's and farms.

      2. I"ve been a member of the Heirloom Harvest CSA in Westboro for many years. Farmer John does a great job of providing a wide variety of veggies. Moreover, he is great at djusting the crop to meet the seasonal climate variance. Two years ago, when heavy June rain setup mold/fungus problems across the state, most CSAs ended up folding. We had great stuff throughout the season, thanks to John's foresight and adjustments to the crop plan. Plus, he gives a portion each week to a local Worcester Food Bank. Not sure if this is farther away than you wanted though........

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        1. Isador's Organics in Oxford is fairly close. Also Harvest Bounty which is setting up in Manchaug/ Sutton this month. Silvermine Farm in north Sutton - on Eight Lots Road I think - don't quote me. They were an active CSA through 2009.

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            Thanks for the tips. I'm in Auburn, so those are close.

          2. I've done a couple of CSAs in the area - heaven's harvest, many hands organic farm in barre, and now one from farmacy gardens in western mass. the current one is by far my favorite, and i'd recommend it highly. the only caveat is that pick up is not super convenient (unless you work at umass) - it's a tuesday pickup during the weekly farmer's market at the University Campus. if that for some reason works for you, i can't say enough good things. super fresh produce, greens that last for more than a week, and super enthusiastic young farmers.

            i think the Artichoke Co-op on main street in the city is a pick up site for heaven's harvest. they don't have great refrigeration so i'd only recommend that if you can get there relatively early in the pick up time. i had some greens that went bad more quickly than i thought they should have with this CSA at this pick up site (but hearing from friends at other pick up sites, it wasn't unique).

            enjoy it, whichever you choose. you may need to play around with farms to find one that really works for you, but it's worth it!

            1. Stone's Throw CSA / Silvermine Farm aren't operational this year, although Martha says she'll be back in 2012. I was a member last year, and have no complaints. A friend joined Farmacy Gardens' CSA last year and loved it. He seemed to get different varieties of produce a few weeks earlier than I was getting them with Stone's Throw. I joined Farmacy Gardens this year and can't wait for June! They added a pickup site at their Belchertown farm, although it doesn't sound like this is convenient for you. Pickups are, in fact, at University campus on Tuesdays from 1-6. John and Chanya (the farmers) were at the UMass earth day celebration and already had baby greens and radishes for sale.

              Also check out for CSA listings.

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              1. re: anthony.izzo

                nice to see another farmacy gardens member! i'm so excited for june - the greens from earth day made me want it to come even faster. are you going to do the preboxed or the choose your own?

                1. re: jmacd

                  I'm going to do the choose-your-own option. My girlfriend is a semi-picky eater, but she did fine with the variety we got from Stone's Throw last year. I'm going to try to get out to Belchertown to do hit up the pick your own patch at some point too. How about you?

                  1. re: anthony.izzo

                    I'm also doing the choose your own. it's such a great option, given that it's just me + a roomate/boyfriend sometimes. the kale can build up quickly with traditional shares! i'm so excited to go out to the farm and do pick your own. even though it's a drive, it's a pretty one. i have a little community garden plot here in the city as well so i should be totally set for produce.

                2. re: anthony.izzo

                  Sounds great, but definitely too far for me.