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Apr 22, 2011 02:21 PM

Passover Birthday Sushi

Okay, let me explain. It's my b day tomorrow, and I finally have the night off! I would love to go out to dinner with about 5 or 6 others but I do celebrate Passover and need a place where I could still get my grub on. I was thinking sashimi...good fish, no rice, no problem. Any suggestions for a nice sushi dinner that won't be too expensive for a group? Middle ground between good quality and affordability, hopefully with a decent atmosphere. Or, any other ideas for a Passover-guideline friendly b day dinner/cuisine type? Anywhere in LA is fine including the valley...Thanks so much!

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  1. You could "align" with the Separdic Jews for a night and eat the rice.

    1. Here is a well developed previous thread on "reasonably priced" sushi that ought to give you some good ideas. Any one of these places will do you up for sashimi I am certain.