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Apr 22, 2011 02:04 PM

Good Seafood Raw Bar in Dallas?

I'm looking for suggestions for a quality seafood raw bar in Dallas. I'm looking to find something similar to the beautiful seafood platters that you find in Paris Brasseries. I am not a big fan of gulf oysters so looking for a place that might offer a decent selection of oysters and shellfish.

The most promising menu I have found so far is Oceanaire in the Galleria but I haven't been. I looked at Ocean Prime but they just mention "oysters" on their menu without mentioning where they are from.

Any suggestions?

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  1. For what you're looking for, my first choice would definitely be Oceanaire. However, you might also check with Trulucks on McKinney Avenue in Dallas or Beltline Road in Addison.
    My personal favorite is Pappadeaux on Oak Lawn but you'll only get (delicious) Texas gulf oysters there.

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    1. re: twinwillow

      twin, thanks for the Trulucks reco, I'm near the Addison location and need to hoist a few fresh, fresh oysters.

    2. S & D Oyster Co. 2701 McKinney Ave Dallas, TX. has good raw oysters, broiled and fried fresh fish.

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        I think S&D is gulf oysters as well. Twinwillow, I do like the oysters at Pappadeaux and they often are priced right! I've been to Truluck's a couple of times and I don't recall them having a large selection of oysters. Looks like Oceanaire is my best bet!

      2. I like oysters I can afford (not sold individually) and that are safe to eat. Friends call me oyster boy. 30 years in TX has had me searching all over North Dallas. My choices are

        Nate's Seafood and Grill on Midway at Beltline is my favorite. Nate is awesome and he imports his from Layfette LA, along with great bugs. Nates are the closest to large New Orleans oysters you can find. He will sell you them by the bushel. Po Boy, Gumbo, fish ...everything great. Best Cajan in town.
        S&D Oyster CO on Mckinney ave downtown is alway good - 3rd fave.
        Trulucks ok - they have pacific oysters, which I love, but at there prices I will order my own from Pikes market in Seatle.
        PaPaduexs - fair, small, cheap, only will eat on a friday, the day that most restraunts get their fresh seafood
        Oceanaire is excellent buy expensive
        Austrailian pub in Frisco is good fair price
        Remington's Seafood Grill in Addison on Beltline has been my 2nd choice. Old folks crowd, Oysters Bienvelle has returned to their menu. Other dishes very good and affordable. Great business lunch place.
        Most unusual - Maxims on Greenville in Richards - Dim Sum joint. Had a huge pacific oyster they broiled with cognac and garlic
        Whole food did carry pacific oysters until a few years ago - they said they were raided by the Dept of Ag. They said they are not allowed to sell pacific oysters in the state that border the Gulf of Mexico. Told the guys at Pikes Market, they laughed and said "oysters cannot breed after they are remove from water"
        Go to nates

        Remington's Seafood Grill
        4580 Belt Line Rd, Addison, TX 75001

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        1. re: ChowStBonnies

          Ended up at Oceanaire. They were running at special at the bar so we sat there and had $1 / $1.50 oysters. Ended up eating 4 dozen between the two of us. Was very tasty. We also split a chilled seafood platter appetizer but I thought it was over priced.

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            A very close well travelled friend told me that he and his wife went to Oceanaire for his birthday Saturday night for dinner. They'd never been before. Mind you, these people are world traveler's and very picky. They loved it! They ordered two shellfish towers that included one large lobster on each and tons of other shellfish. I believe he said the cost was $42.00 or $46.00 each.